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Monday 25 August 2008

I had an interview at Worley Parsons at their Miri Branch today. I applied for a position in KL. I had a phone interview with the KL's project manager and Bernie their recruiter few weeks ago. It went well. Mr Brian Davey, the contract manager at Miri Branch was saying "I obviously have only positive things to say about you. If They dont want to take you, I will take you"

Tuesday 26 August 2008

I received an email from Gemma, my agent in Aberdeen that Ras Gas want to have a second phone interview with me tomorrow. I replied and confirm. I realised that their tommorrow is TODAY in Malaysia (time difference). At 7 pm while I was having dinner at KRP with Wafi, the phone rang. It from Ras Gas. The person on the other side was Norasyikin, Contract Manager or Engineer from Ras Gas. She said that they got late confirmation by my agent in Aberdeen. We had a little chat and they will call again tomorrow 7.30am Qatar time (12.30 pm in Malaysia).

Wednesday 27 Aug…


I stayed at Sebana Resort in Johor from 5-23 August 2008. Its a nice resort but strangely quiet. The marina is lovely and it has a direct ferry service to Singapore. I immersed myself in the deep tranquility of the area. I guess couple of days is enough to soak all the atmosphere. I became jaded after that, just imagine I just stayed in my room after work and survived by room service meals every night.
Panaromic view of the Marina and the Resort

View from my balcony Entrance to the Marina from Sebana River

Sebana River at dusk

The boardwalk by the Marina Mosquito breeding pond The pool

Hiro and Ayam Penyet

Sebana 22 August 2009
I will leave for Miri in a couple of days. I dont know when I will be back here again. While at work today, I had an idea of visiting P in Singapore tonight by ferry. I left work at 5.30pm the ferry will leave at 6. I made it. I need a place to crash. I called Romeo but he was still at work (he was having a fund management exam), then Lokman came to the rescue. I dont have any Singapore dollar with me. It was a nice cruise accross the Straits of Johore. I sat at an open air area on top of the ferry. It was cold but the scenery was too beautiful to give it a miss. The ferry called at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. Lokman and Cikgu came after I waited for some 30 minutes. I spent that half hour counting the planes that took off from the neighbouring Changi Airport. They took me to Changi village for dinner. We had nasi ayam penyet (smashed chicken rice or something like Nasi Lelapan Ayam) and coconut drink. We chat and exchange info about P and S (our friends who are c…

A stranger and a penniless diner

Part 1 : A Stranger

I walked out of Ramunia Fabricators yard 10 minutes to 5 pm. I hope to reach Sultan Ismail Hospital around 6.30. While I was on the way, Lokman once again called. He conveyed the news he got from Rashid who had visited S this afternoon. According to the Doctor, S's chance to survive is 50-50. One of his lungs was badly infected and it does not spare the other one too. S was still unconscious and shows no signs of improvement. The journey was smooth except the usual snarl upon entering Johor Bahru Metro area. I made it to the hospital exactly at 6.30 (see, no wonder I got A for Time Management at QUT). 'Main building, Level 5, ICU ward', that was the direction I got from Lokman.

Adi was there by S's bed weeping while he holds S's hand. They were good friends. He asked me, in tears why this unfortunate fate happen to S. I had to calm him down. How do we expect S to be strong when we are not. I myself had to struggle to hold my tears from falling.


In sickness and and in health

I was kinda bored at work. Suddenly my phone rang, Its Lokman. What does he wants now, I said to myself. He is the kind of person who would never calls unless there's something going on or there's something he wants (dont we all are). He said hello followed by his usual chirpiness and then he said he brought along a bad news, a very bad one. It puzzled me.. come on, I had enough of bad news in recent weeks already, that includes Chong Wei's lost to Lin Dan. I asked what's the bad news? He said , Sxxxxx. What about him I asked. S, was hospitalised at Sultan Ismail Hospital for lung infection since last Friday. He is now in a critical state. According to Lokman, just couple of days prior to that he and couple of friends accompanied S setting up wedding preparation for a client. S was in coma when Lokman visited him yesterday. His body was wired here and there. I refused to believe the news, we already have P hospitalised at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore for cance…