In sickness and and in health

I was kinda bored at work. Suddenly my phone rang, Its Lokman. What does he wants now, I said to myself. He is the kind of person who would never calls unless there's something going on or there's something he wants (dont we all are). He said hello followed by his usual chirpiness and then he said he brought along a bad news, a very bad one. It puzzled me.. come on, I had enough of bad news in recent weeks already, that includes Chong Wei's lost to Lin Dan. I asked what's the bad news? He said , Sxxxxx. What about him I asked. S, was hospitalised at Sultan Ismail Hospital for lung infection since last Friday. He is now in a critical state. According to Lokman, just couple of days prior to that he and couple of friends accompanied S setting up wedding preparation for a client. S was in coma when Lokman visited him yesterday. His body was wired here and there. I refused to believe the news, we already have P hospitalised at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore for cancer. J's daughter at Sultan Ismail (now has been referred to HKL) also for cancer, and now S.

S was my housemate in 2005 when I rented a room at his place in Taman Perling. He was a good friend, very generous, funny, the kind of guy you would want to hang out with. I really hope he'll get well soon. I will pay him a visit this weekend.

Last week I had a chance to visit P in Singapore, he looks better now. Far cry then the first time I saw him at Gleneagles in Kl two weeks ago. He gained 4 kg in 7 days since he came to Singapore. The Dr at least did something to treat him instead of dozing him with morphine all the time. It was great, we talked, laughed and he even eager to hear about our Bangkok trip where he supposed to join.

How ironic, that I am now in Johor for a job assignment and have 2 very close friends and a close friend's daughter to visit in hospitals in JB and Singapore instead of enjoying the sights and sound of this gliterring southern conurbation.


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