Hiro and Ayam Penyet

Sebana 22 August 2009

I will leave for Miri in a couple of days. I dont know when I will be back here again. While at work today, I had an idea of visiting P in Singapore tonight by ferry. I left work at 5.30pm the ferry will leave at 6. I made it. I need a place to crash. I called Romeo but he was still at work (he was having a fund management exam), then Lokman came to the rescue. I dont have any Singapore dollar with me. It was a nice cruise accross the Straits of Johore. I sat at an open air area on top of the ferry. It was cold but the scenery was too beautiful to give it a miss. The ferry called at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. Lokman and Cikgu came after I waited for some 30 minutes. I spent that half hour counting the planes that took off from the neighbouring Changi Airport. They took me to Changi village for dinner. We had nasi ayam penyet (smashed chicken rice or something like Nasi Lelapan Ayam) and coconut drink. We chat and exchange info about P and S (our friends who are currently sick). Cikgu then give me a lift to Romeo's apartment in Tanah Merah.
On board Sebana Ferry

Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal
Cikgu and his mobile

Lokman as weird as ever

It must have been a couple of years since I last met Romeo and his wife which I call Cheche. I only met Cheche once, 2 years ago when they just started dating. They have a son now, Hiro. It was nice to catch up and reminisce. We talk about our memory of Brisbane some 7 years ago. We finally bid good night at 2am

Romeo a proud daddy of Hiro
Cheche nursing Hiro

August 23, 2009

I left Romeo's house at 9am. From there I walk about 2km to the MRT station. I wasn't listening to Cheche's direction properly. I ended up missing 2 stations.

What supposed to be a nice morning walk, turns out to be a long tiring one
It has been ages since I last took MRT in Singapore

I stop at Far East Plaza to tell Abg Mus about P. Abg Mus works at a perfume shop where we all get our perfume supplies. P's sisters were there too when I arrived. I was welcomed by P's mom at Mount Elizabeth hospital. P was having a fever and was not as chatty as my previous visit two weeks ago. So I spent that afternoon chatting with P's mom.

I left Mount Elizabeth Hospital at 4pm to catch the 6pm ferry back to Sebana. Before that I made a pit stop at Far East Plaza again, this time to buy some souvenir and had the famous Ayam Penyet at Ria Restaurant. The check in period is 1 hour before departure. I made it to the Terminal at 4.45pm. I was startled to learn that the 6pm ferry has been cancelled and I have to take the 8pm one. I hate wasting time doing nothing. I had 2 hours to kill. At time like this I could use some fags, but I cant even affort a pack of ciggaratte. I only have $9 left. A pack of ciggarette cost $13.

A bus ride to TMFT completes a full leg of my journey through varous mean of transportation

At the boarding gate


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