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Busy Bee

I had been really busy lately. I thought I could catch some breath after taking a break from my studies, but nope, no chance. I have many high priority tasks at work and I sometime don't know which one is more important, and cant seem to concentrate to complete one at a time. I hate complaining, but I do sometime feel like screaming my heart out and bang my head on a wall. People say stress and problem makes you creative, but at the moment it is far from true.

Ok time to prioritise and concentrate. This too will pass.
Being busy, I almost forgot I only have a month to end my bachelorhood. I forgot to get nervous. I should, shouldn't I?

Its not the end of the world

Im tired, really tired. I am now sitting at the crowded Abu Dhabi International, Terminal 1, with another 2 hrs to kill. I barely had 8 hours of sleep in the last 3 days.

I was in KL for 1 1/2 days to present my Masters dissertation. I was hoping that It will be the end of the long overdue project. But boy I was wrong. My thesis was rejected for not achieving the standard and the quality of a masters research. I was not despair, it was not the end of the world. I will give it another shot next semester. Success does not come easy. 
My only reservation was, they could have told me I failed and that I have to re register the same in the next semester, So I would not waste my time, energy and money flew all the way to KL just to hear the news in person. 
Things happen for reasons. What ever it is I am grateful and will learn from it. But now i need bottles of red bull, as I have to stay awake for another 14 hours, another busy day at work.

Budapest : City of Senses ; Chapter 2 (Final)

Day of indulgence in Pest
It was a beautiful Friday morning. The sun was shining and the mercury has risen to a more comfortable temperature. We took a metro to Hosok Tere. The metro line is the oldest in Continental Europe. The stations still retain the original design that make us felt like we were arriving at a train station in Hogwarts. One thing I like about transportation in Budapest is that they are very efficient and you have choice to use either metro, trams, busses (many kind of busses from the normal, big super busses and trolleys) or cabs. They are quite cheap too.

 Hosok Tere Metro Station Hosok Tere (Heroes Square) is the most famous square in Budapest. Its 36m high column can be seen as you coming up from Andrassy Ut. Quater circular collonades extend to both left and right of the column. Between the pillars of the collonades are figures of  'greats' from the Hungarian history. You may recognise this square from of the pit stops in Amazing Race. The Hungarian Art g…

Budapest : City of Senses ; Chapter 1

Buda and Castle Hill

I was in Budapest for 3 days on 26 to 28 of March 2009. This trip to Budapest was originally intended as a celebration of the completion of my Masters Dissertation and a chance to catch up with my pet sister Sariati. Our friendship goes a long way back since Australia, and we apparently never had a chance to travel together before. I could use a break from the stressful month. But I did not managed to get the project done in time. I was actually half hearted, and contemplated to postpone, but I had no choice as all flights and accommodation has been paid and arranged for, and I will surely pissed Sariati off big time. I am putting our friendship at stake so to speak.
Kaduk gave me a lift to the airport. Thanks mate. The Lufthansa flight took off on time but the journey to Frankfurt via Riyadh was a bit of a torture. We experienced some big turbulence and meals could not be served on Doha – Riyadh leg. Not even water. I did not get enough rest on Riyadh – Frankfurt l…