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London Marathon 2014: Overseas Ballot Enty Submitted

This is my second attempt to enter the London Marathon through the Overseas Ballot Entry. It would be awesome if my entry is successful since London is one of the prestigous World Marathon Majors. But if I fail again, I have already made my mind to run the Vienna Marathon. Like this year, I ran Paris Marathon after my ballot enty was unsuccessful. Who knows I could be lucky this time.

KL Marathon for virgin: Week 7 and 8


My Plan to Qualify for the Boston Marathon

Since I came back from my disastrous Paris Marathon, I was wondering if I still have a shot at qualifying for Boston before September 2014 to run on the 2015 edition. My current PB still stands at 3:55 recorded in Dubai last January. That is 45 minutes too slow. I need to run faster than 3:10. To allow myself to have the taste to run in THE mother of all marathons. A more realistic goal is for me to aim for 2016 edition and qualify before September 2015.

Here is my plan:

May - Jul 2013: Focus on the training to run 10k in 45 minutes May - Jul 2013: Strength training. Focus on core and quadsAdequate sleep and restEat healthy Yoga once a week Following FIRST marathon training plan as detailed in Run Less Run Faster book.Start swimming lesson in July 2013. Then swim once a week (as described in FIRST)Cycling once a week from July (as described in FIRST)Target Time in BLUE is Optimistic (Running Boston in 2015)
Target Time in RED is Pessimistic (Running Boston in 2016)

Oct 2013    Melbourne, …

15 April 2013: Pray for Boston

It was the day when the whole running community came together to witness and celebrate THE most prestigious marathon; The Boston Marathon. It is every runner's dream to qualify and participate in this race, including me. That's what this blog is about, to share my journey from being a couch potato to qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

I was tracking 4  friends from DBRC (Tee, Alicia, Wendy and Jessica), one of my running idols, Jie Shie from Singapore, and all the Malaysian representatives on the marathon's website until almost all of them finished their runs except Tee Morgan who at the that time was at KM 40. I logged off my PC and went to bed knowing Tee and all of them have had a great race in Boston.

But this morning, I woke up to find messages on my mobile from my friends in Australia and Malaysia asking how I was and whether I was in Boston. I was wondering what had happened in Boston. Then I logged in my Facebook and shocked to hear the news. My thought went straigh…

KL Marathon for Virgin: Week 5 and 6


Paris Marathon 2013: Not a 3rd time lucky

I came to Paris with a target to run a sub 3:45 marathon and I was quietly confident that it is very achievable. My training has been good and I managed to stay injury free. This was the only marathon that I was not too anxious about. But things took a wrong turn leading up to the race and my sub 3:45 dream was over even before I started the race on the world's famous avenue, Champs Elysees.

The marathon was incorporated into my grand family vacation in Europe. The 13 days vacation started with a 5 days stay in London, before we flew to Amsterdam and stayed for 3 days before finally end the trip in Paris for another 5 days.  It was a big mistake. The travelling itself was too tiring and I had muscles pain and fever as a result. Not only that, I was also having gastric attack for 2 days. The first in a long time. But the worst is yet to come. A traveller's nightmare. I had a nasty food poisoning 4 days leading up to the race. I frequented the toilet more than 12 times a day and …