15 April 2013: Pray for Boston

It was the day when the whole running community came together to witness and celebrate THE most prestigious marathon; The Boston Marathon. It is every runner's dream to qualify and participate in this race, including me. That's what this blog is about, to share my journey from being a couch potato to qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

I was tracking 4  friends from DBRC (Tee, Alicia, Wendy and Jessica), one of my running idols, Jie Shie from Singapore, and all the Malaysian representatives on the marathon's website until almost all of them finished their runs except Tee Morgan who at the that time was at KM 40. I logged off my PC and went to bed knowing Tee and all of them have had a great race in Boston.

But this morning, I woke up to find messages on my mobile from my friends in Australia and Malaysia asking how I was and whether I was in Boston. I was wondering what had happened in Boston. Then I logged in my Facebook and shocked to hear the news. My thought went straight to my friends who were there especially Tee who was approaching the finish line when it happened. Thank GOD all of them are safe. But my heart and prayer goes to everyone affected and to the souls of those perished by this cowardly act. Those terrorists are coward and have no balls. I bet they cant even run 5 km. Mari lumba lari dengan aku kalau berani. Memang sial haram jadah punya bangsat.

This guy fell when the bomb went off, but he went back up and finish the race. (Picture courtesy of CNN)
Picture courtesy of CNN

A comforting message from Tee's FB that she was OK:

... Thanks for all your messages. Am fine. My race was stopped at 41.64km. Lots injured. Thank you for all your prayers. if I was any faster, I would have been at the finish when it happened. Still shaken up...

.... I wish I could explain what happened. Running into the finish area we experienced runners running away from the finish area into us. Screams, loud explosions we started running away into the runners behind us as they continued running towards us. Horrible, so sad...

... Can't sleep, can't eat, shaken up. Everything was closed. Couldn't get back to the hotel. Bags weren't found till like 4 hours. I was cold. People died people died.

To Tee, I am so sorry that you were not able to finish your marathon on your 40th birthday. I know how much it meant to you. BUT I cannot thank GOD enough that the hills slowed you down and you were safe.


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