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I submitted my tender of resignation today my team leader called me straight away. He was shocked at first. 'I thought you are happy at Shell' he said. Offcourse I am. Shell has been the best employer I work for so far. But I explained to him that this is one oppurtunity that I cannot missed. I am looking forward to come back with the experience from the gulf.

I have confirmed with Gemma that I'll start working at RasGas on 2nd November 2008. If everything goes according to plan, I will see my self on the plane to Qatar on the 30th October.

Gemma has given me her words that LA Recruitment will help me settling down with accommodation and some spending money (deductible from my first pay. That is quite a relief.

In a mean time, I just have to concentrate on finishing all the outstanding works I still have.. or would I??

work visa issued

Thursday 25 September 2008
I was at the Bandar Penawar Petronas station, on the way to Pyan's funeral when Gemma from LA Recruitment called. She said that my work visa is ready and I am now in a position to hand in my resignation. The thing is I really dont know when sholuld I hand in my notice. I only have to serve one month of notice. If I hand it now I may start working at Ras Gas on November 1st.
What a great news that was, but It could've come at a better timing. What an emotional roller coaster day for me..

Suffian (P)... peace be upon him

Thursday 25 September 2008
I saw 5 missed calls from Sam on my mobile. I called him right away half expecting the bad news. Its was true. Pyan passed away at 5pm this afternoon.

15 minutes later I found myself at the back of my steering wheel on the way to JB to fetch Sam and Jep before heading straight to KL for Pyan's funeral. His family decided to proceed with the funeral on that very evening after terawikh prayer. It was our hope to join the prayer as a send off for him. That is the least we can do as friends. We left Sam's place in Skudai at half past eight and didn't expect to reach KL at 10pm when the prayer expected to start.

We were sharing our personal memories of Pyan along the journey. They were vivid, precise and as if it all happen just yesterday. We were at Nilai when Sam received a call from Ita that the funeral has concluded. Every space in the car was filled with silence, dissapointment and sorrow.

We reached KL at 11.30pm and put up at Becky's place. We …

Masjid Sultan Abu Bakar

The Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque is regarded as one of the most beautiful mosques in Malaysia, with its amazing combination of Western neo-classical and Islamic architecture. This mosque can accommodate about 2,000 worshippers at any one time. The mosque is strategically located on top of a hill on Jalan Abu Bakar, overlooking the Straits of Johor.

Sultan Abu Bakar mosque was named after the late Sultan Abu Bakar, the "Father of Modern Johor", who laid the foundation stone in 1892. Construction of the mosque was completed in 1900, a few years after his death. Today, the Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque is listed as a protected heritage monument by the Department of Museums and Antiquities.
Source: More pictures of Masjid Sultan Abu Bakar can be seen here and here

Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim

Sultan Ibrahim Building is Johor's state secretariat building, where state government departments are housed. It is located at Bukit Timbalan in the city centre of Johor Bahru. (The new state government offices is currently under construction at the new administrative centre at Nusajaya).The building was constructed between 1936 and 1939. It was officially opened by the late Sultan Ibrahim of Johor a year later. In 1942, when the Japanese occupied Malaya, its Japanese Imperial Army used it as a fotress and a command centre to spy on the British activities in Singapore which was attacked days later. The building was also partly damaged during the Japanese invasion. The damaged part is still visible today. Its architecture combines colonial and Malay architecture with its Saracenic design and tower making it a landmark in Johor Bahru. The building was designed by the renowned British architecture firm, Palmer and Turner which was also responsible for designing the Johor Bahru Genera…

ALLAH have mercy on P

I has been 2 weeks since I last visited P in hospital. He was still in Mt Elizabeth in Singapore. He was already unconscious. I can barely speak to him without shedding tears. He was my best friend and still is.

His family decided to bring him back to KL a couple of days after we last visited him in Singapore. We know why. He now live by support systems. Some suggest that its better to pull the plug and put an end to his suffering. But I guess Im still hoping for miracle.

This afternoon I received an SMS from Ronnie. He says according to the doctor, P only has a couple of days to live. ALLAH please have mercy on him. He is a good person with good heart. P, if you should leave I pray for you to be placed among the victorious.. I love you. You may go but the memories of you stays..
This picture was taken about a month ago. In Mt Elizabeth Hospital. He showed a sign of improvement then, and even gained 4 kg in 1 week.

One hectic weekend, One long awaited event

I just had one of the most hectic weekends in a long time. My withered body feels the ache all over. Right now, I think the best invention after sliced bread is a massage chair. My request to extend the tenure from the landlady was unsuccessful, the new tenant wants to move in after Eid. So I have to vacate my house before I leave for Eid leave on 24th.
Friday 19 Sept 2008

I had Iftar with Dr. Wan at Fratini's. This ia to thank him for letting me to put his name on my BUPA application form. We had a good time and shared our travel experiences. I particularly like his comment about Dubai. He was in Dubai last July. Well you know how middle of summer in the Middle East's like. He went to Ski Dubai(and had the Encounter session which is lower than beginner and was told to do it again) which was below freezing temperature, and its half boiling outside when he steps out. I like his expression "Oh its like I was taken out from a freezer and go straight into the oven without being…


I am in a jolly good mood today. Happy, smile is a constant feature on my face since this morning. I received an email from Gemma, my agent from LA Recruitment. Couple of days ago she said that she had received the paperwork from RasGas and she will forward to me the contract soon. And here it is. She attached in her email, my employment contract and asked me to revert it to her ASAP. That exactly what I did. I have submitted a copy of my passport, certificate and BUPA insurance form to her yesterday. With all these sorted out, I just have to wait for my work visa to be issued and start dreaming...

I was still dreaming, with pictures of me at the back of the steering wheel of a sleek Volvo XC90 commuting 90km north to work at Ras Laffanfrom Doha, when Neil my team lead came into my office with a grin on his face. Oh yes I forgot I have a date with him today. He was trying to see me for two weeks since he got back from Sweden. He has a souvenir. 'Here it is', he handed me a jar …


I came home at 8pm yesterday after a week in Johor. I went to my mailbox and emptied its half full content. To my surprise there was a note from a complete stranger among bills and credit cards statements. I cannot imagine anyone could drop a letter to a complete stranger and asking for friendship. Obviously someone is watching me all this while. Should I accept the friendship? Wouldn't it nicer if the sender says hello or smile or stop for a little chat. That's what neighbours do. I never spoken to any of my neighbours except to the two left and right directly next to my house. I never notice any suspicious looks on anyone on the street. I dont know what to feel. Flatered? No! I feel so uncomfortable, even the sound from neighbours gate makes me jump on my feet. You know how it is when you've been watched. Total lost of privacy...

Sipadan '08

Sipadan / Mabul / Kapalai, Sabah Malaysia

I was on a diving trip with POK FC to Sipadan from 23-27 July 2008. It was the best holiday I ever had. The underwater scene was simply unbelievable. Words just cant describe the beauty of the these little treasures, espescially Sipadan. The title of 'One of the best dive sites in the world'speaks for itself. Sipadan is the only oceanic island in Malaysia. It rises 2000 feets above the ocean floor. With the 2000 ft drop off plus sometime strong currents, Sipadan is more suitable for experience divers, but I was lucky to have Izura as my buddy. She was calm and very alert, like a pro. We had 1 dive at Kapalai, 4 dives at Sipadan and 4 dives at Mabul. Our dive master for the dives was Miding. He must be one of the coolest guys I met. He was fun but in the same time he makes us feel we are in good hands.

The accommodation at Billabong, Mabul was basic but I liked it. I got the chance to meet some other divers from Denmark, France, Slovakia …

An unlikely place for a reunion

Hmm its going to be yet another breakfast alone. I am planning to spend not more than 15 minutes at The Window Cafe. The cafe was quite busy today, which is rather unsual. Sometimes there are more staff than there's a patrons. Well I usually have 2,3 waiters and waitresses serving me during breakfast, its really annoying and uncomfortable instead of making me feel like a king.

I came to the cafe today as messy as ever with my uncombed hair and a pair of stupid glasses. I don't really care about my appearances here, well not that I am going to bump into anyone I know plus I dont care what the staffs think. I am a paying guest here (well my company pays, not me). I was about to pull a chair at my usual table when a guy came to me with a broad smile and later extended his hand. I was stunned, 'Laaa Cupin, buat apa kau kat sini?' I said. Fendi aka Cupin was my classmate during diploma at UTM. We were quite close back in those years. We also did part time time job together a…

The Pulai Desaru Beach

I stay at this resort from last monday till the end of the week. The Pulai Desaru Beachis managed by Pulai Springs. It is full of activities, water sports, entertainment and excursions to fruit farm and fireflies watching at Sungai Lebam. I never know that Johor has fireflies. The beach is really stunning with its golden sands, clear waters and complete with tiki posts. This is where I spent most afternoons while waiting for breakfast with my books. I finished 1 book already. The swimming pool is one of the biggest I've ever seen too bad I dont bring my swimming trunk and goggles. Well anyway its not advisable to swim while fasting, makruh. The food is good but its no fun breaking fast alone does it? I kinda envy and miss my friends in Miri breaking fast together everyday.

If only I bring my goggles and swimming trunk Large garden outside my room

My reading spot

A watch tower by the beach


I hate waiting. I am a kind of person who wants everything then and there. I have so much work to do, but I just cant seem to have the drive and energy to do so. The last 2 weeks has been the most indolent. The first thing I do when I come to work is checking if there is news from Gemma about the job at RasGas. We have agreed on the salary, but the company will have to do a reference check before everything can be finalised. This morning, Imelda (my colleague at work) called me saying that a guy from RasGas emailed her and would like to arrange a phone call. This is good. They want to know what Imelda thinks about me etc. Imelda is my last hope to make or break this thing. The key to my career move. She set an appointment for tomorrow after 6pm. She said that she is feeling nervous about it, knowing how important this is to me. Well I trust her and hope this wait will end soon.