I hate waiting. I am a kind of person who wants everything then and there. I have so much work to do, but I just cant seem to have the drive and energy to do so. The last 2 weeks has been the most indolent. The first thing I do when I come to work is checking if there is news from Gemma about the job at RasGas. We have agreed on the salary, but the company will have to do a reference check before everything can be finalised. This morning, Imelda (my colleague at work) called me saying that a guy from RasGas emailed her and would like to arrange a phone call. This is good. They want to know what Imelda thinks about me etc. Imelda is my last hope to make or break this thing. The key to my career move. She set an appointment for tomorrow after 6pm. She said that she is feeling nervous about it, knowing how important this is to me. Well I trust her and hope this wait will end soon.


Rush Murad said…
I pray for u dude!!!!!!!!!!...
whitelighter said…

Thanks... I really need that. Nanti aku nak tumpang masak umah ko. aku wat makan2 sabtu 20/9 boleh

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