I am in a jolly good mood today. Happy, smile is a constant feature on my face since this morning. I received an email from Gemma, my agent from LA Recruitment. Couple of days ago she said that she had received the paperwork from RasGas and she will forward to me the contract soon. And here it is. She attached in her email, my employment contract and asked me to revert it to her ASAP. That exactly what I did. I have submitted a copy of my passport, certificate and BUPA insurance form to her yesterday. With all these sorted out, I just have to wait for my work visa to be issued and start dreaming...

I was still dreaming, with pictures of me at the back of the steering wheel of a sleek Volvo XC90 commuting 90km north to work at Ras Laffan from Doha, when Neil my team lead came into my office with a grin on his face. Oh yes I forgot I have a date with him today. He was trying to see me for two weeks since he got back from Sweden. He has a souvenir. 'Here it is', he handed me a jar of black caviar. The expensive one he said. He knows that I have an expensive taste... well thanks a bunch Neil.. cant wait to have it tonight, but hang on, I dont have a caviar spoon... grrrrr..

Black Caviar from Neil


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