One hectic weekend, One long awaited event

I just had one of the most hectic weekends in a long time. My withered body feels the ache all over. Right now, I think the best invention after sliced bread is a massage chair. My request to extend the tenure from the landlady was unsuccessful, the new tenant wants to move in after Eid. So I have to vacate my house before I leave for Eid leave on 24th.

Friday 19 Sept 2008

I had Iftar with Dr. Wan at Fratini's. This ia to thank him for letting me to put his name on my BUPA application form. We had a good time and shared our travel experiences. I particularly like his comment about Dubai. He was in Dubai last July. Well you know how middle of summer in the Middle East's like. He went to Ski Dubai (and had the Encounter session which is lower than beginner and was told to do it again) which was below freezing temperature, and its half boiling outside when he steps out. I like his expression "Oh its like I was taken out from a freezer and go straight into the oven without being thawed". I found it hillarious.

Thanks Doc for being my referee doctor
At 8pm I was already at Zaitun's for POK FC's slumber party. All of us were there including Justin and Sally. It was great fun. We played Wii dance game. Kent and Elly were the champions. So now we know who actually has the dancing feet. I was totally hopeless at it. Apart from Wii, we played fuseball. I beat Elly but was trashed by Wafi. The front of Zaitun's house was lit by tea lights (as substitute to Pelita Raya). The atmosphere was nothing less festive. The child in everyone of us awakened. We played fireworks and chase each other up in the lawn. Dont we all miss our childhood. I didn't stay until dawn (sahur). I went home after 11 and did my laundry. One month pile of laundry kept me up all night.

Pelita Raya?

Happy Feet

Terkenang semasa dulu

POK in mirror image
Vc Love??

Saturday 20 September 2008

I dont know, if Bolt was crowned the fastest man on the planet, I deserve a medal for sustained endurance and speed. I started my day with visits to HSBC, AEON, CIMB, Maybank to pay credit cards, wiring money and some loan repayments. From there I went shopping at Kenyalang for my auction party (just imagine I had to buy literally everything from plates to juices and chopping board) and something to bring to Rush's tonight. I did not make my way home before stopping at Ir-one to make the payment for the 16 pcs Sarawak Layered Cakes I bought the other day, and ordered for tomorrows menu for my party.

House of wreck

Nas came at 5pm and we went straight to Rush's. Rush was still cooking when we arrived. He was shorthanded that day. He only has Rhymee as his kitchen hand. Sorry Rush I myself could use a helper. We helped with arranging the living area, prepare the drinks (Air sirap bandung) and wipe the plates and glasses. It was a nice gathering. Good food and great company. I got to know Zara, my future law advisor and research assistant (We had an agreement about it right Zara?). I didn't stay until late. The scoop about Rush's party party can be viewed here and here. I went home at 9 and only have less than 24 hours to pack all my stuff and segregate them, for storage in JB, for Doha, for Eid Holiday, for the remaining months in here (GOD knows how long), and at the same time prepare for my Auction party. I was lucky to have Nas voluntered to help out (Was it volunteer or you were coerced to do so?).

Dont know where to start

A volunteer from Mercy Malaysia, Thanks Nas

Sunday 21 September 2008

The rush continues. Think Beijing couple of months before the Olympics, this is comparable to that albeit in a smaller, a lot smaller scale. Nas went home at 11am. My house was still in a wreck. I can feel the ligament on my knees loosing its elasticity. The place was ready for the event by 5.30pm. I dashed to Ir-one to pick up the food and had a pit stop at work to grab the Caviar from Neil that I left at office's fridge. I was home 10 minutes past 6pm. Rush and Wan was right behind me. Rush helped me setting the food while Wan went to buy extra plates for dessert. By 6.25pm, time for Iftar, there were only 3 of us. Where are all these people? POK FC members are well known for their respect on time, and I have endured and lived with it for a year and was immuned to it.

All of my guess turned up looking fabulous, especially Mildred. It was hard to convince them to dress up. Well its auction for god sake. Nas who's excused was 'shy' didn't come. My caviar and cheese servings was cleared in 15 minutes. The auction went great, I managed to sell all my stuff. Except the bed which failed its durability test when 8 members of POK FC jump on it for pictures. Well It may not be a perfect party as I dreamt but It was a successfull one considering all the shortcomings. This was my first ever party at this house, the one long awaited event that was also will be the only one.

Is this a scene from a garage sale or looters in action?

The bed failed durability test

Rumah ku di rompak..huhuhu
Delivery service, Thanks to Wan and his mates
more pics of the party here


zackzara said…
Nice to know you the other day at Rush's. Baru je kenal..dah nak leave Miri for good. Hmm..whatever it is, wishing you all the best in your future undertakings.

Salam Lebaran!
whitelighter said…

Thanks.. nice meeting u too.. dont forget our agreement..

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