ALLAH have mercy on P

I has been 2 weeks since I last visited P in hospital. He was still in Mt Elizabeth in Singapore. He was already unconscious. I can barely speak to him without shedding tears. He was my best friend and still is.

His family decided to bring him back to KL a couple of days after we last visited him in Singapore. We know why. He now live by support systems. Some suggest that its better to pull the plug and put an end to his suffering. But I guess Im still hoping for miracle.

This afternoon I received an SMS from Ronnie. He says according to the doctor, P only has a couple of days to live. ALLAH please have mercy on him. He is a good person with good heart. P, if you should leave I pray for you to be placed among the victorious.. I love you. You may go but the memories of you stays..

This picture was taken about a month ago. In Mt Elizabeth Hospital. He showed a sign of improvement then, and even gained 4 kg in 1 week.


zackzara said…
Semoga Allah memanjangkan umur sahabat anda & hope that he's strong enough to fight for it. May the force be with him. Insya Allah.
Anonymous said…
was he working in our Broadcast center in KL? if he is the same person... :-(

Alfatihah to him (if he is the same person)
whitelighter said…
Zack, any

My best friend Suffian Sulaiman, (emplyee of Aljazaara English) passed away on Thursday 26.09.08, pray for him...
Anonymous said…
semoga roh ditempatkan di kalangan hambanya yang terpilih, insyaAllah..


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