An unlikely place for a reunion

Hmm its going to be yet another breakfast alone. I am planning to spend not more than 15 minutes at The Window Cafe. The cafe was quite busy today, which is rather unsual. Sometimes there are more staff than there's a patrons. Well I usually have 2,3 waiters and waitresses serving me during breakfast, its really annoying and uncomfortable instead of making me feel like a king.

I came to the cafe today as messy as ever with my uncombed hair and a pair of stupid glasses. I don't really care about my appearances here, well not that I am going to bump into anyone I know plus I dont care what the staffs think. I am a paying guest here (well my company pays, not me). I was about to pull a chair at my usual table when a guy came to me with a broad smile and later extended his hand. I was stunned, 'Laaa Cupin, buat apa kau kat sini?' I said. Fendi aka Cupin was my classmate during diploma at UTM. We were quite close back in those years. We also did part time time job together as waiters at Grand Continental hotel during semester breaks. It must have been more than 10 years since the last time I saw him. He came with his officemates. They have a project at Bandar Penawar. A construction of a training institute (IKBN). I asked Cupin to sit at my table and there we go, 10 years of catching up while enjoying the not so sumptuos meal over breakfast.

While we were chatting, a guy from the next table came to me with a smile, and also extended his hand for a hand shake. 'Syafei eh?' I looked at him, he looks femiliar, and I asked, 'Siapa eh?', then he mentioned his name, Faizal. I noticed a scar on his forehead, then I recalled who he was. Faizal Mohd Ghazali was my junior at UTM, we were active in the college committee. He had an accident in his third semester. Now I remember everything vividly. I last met him in 1997. He stays at the resort and checked in the same day with me. He said he had already noticed me since the first day, but he was unsure if its me. I wouldn't have recognised him if he doesn't says hi. He now works with Petronas Carigali as a Senior Commissioning Engineer. He's here to audit on Angsi D project at Ramunia.

Well what a last breakfast at this place turns out, an unlikely place for a reunion.


Rush Murad said…
awet muda, people still can recognize you after so many years tak jumpa.... kan? never heard about the place...ermm... will check it out...

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