The Pulai Desaru Beach

I stay at this resort from last monday till the end of the week. The Pulai Desaru Beach is managed by Pulai Springs. It is full of activities, water sports, entertainment and excursions to fruit farm and fireflies watching at Sungai Lebam. I never know that Johor has fireflies. The beach is really stunning with its golden sands, clear waters and complete with tiki posts. This is where I spent most afternoons while waiting for breakfast with my books. I finished 1 book already. The swimming pool is one of the biggest I've ever seen too bad I dont bring my swimming trunk and goggles. Well anyway its not advisable to swim while fasting, makruh. The food is good but its no fun breaking fast alone does it? I kinda envy and miss my friends in Miri breaking fast together everyday.

If only I bring my goggles and swimming trunk
Large garden outside my room

My reading spot

A watch tower by the beach


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