Sipadan '08

Sipadan / Mabul / Kapalai, Sabah Malaysia

I was on a diving trip with POK FC to Sipadan from 23-27 July 2008. It was the best holiday I ever had. The underwater scene was simply unbelievable. Words just cant describe the beauty of the these little treasures, espescially Sipadan. The title of 'One of the best dive sites in the world' speaks for itself. Sipadan is the only oceanic island in Malaysia. It rises 2000 feets above the ocean floor. With the 2000 ft drop off plus sometime strong currents, Sipadan is more suitable for experience divers, but I was lucky to have Izura as my buddy. She was calm and very alert, like a pro. We had 1 dive at Kapalai, 4 dives at Sipadan and 4 dives at Mabul. Our dive master for the dives was Miding. He must be one of the coolest guys I met. He was fun but in the same time he makes us feel we are in good hands.

The accommodation at Billabong, Mabul was basic but I liked it. I got the chance to meet some other divers from Denmark, France, Slovakia and senior group of Italians. I also had a pet, a cat I named Melissa. She likes to sleep with me so I had to be very carefull not to crush her.

Our dive party consist of :

Senior Team (licenced divers)
Da'a as the organiser
Fariza (my ex buddy when I did certification in Miri)
Izura of UEM (my buddy)

Junior Team (Open Water Students)

Wafi, Zaitun, Nabil and Fadzli from UEM

We had great fun through out the trip and will surely miss each other company. I do.

From left, Fariza, Wafi, Zaitun, Da'a, Me and my buddy Izura

More pictures here and here.


new penny stock said…
its good to know about it? where did you get that information?
whitelighter said…

Just ask any seasoned divers about Sipadan, they'll sure ask you to drop everything and book your flights here
AuntyN said…
Salam Whitelighter

Thank you for:-
1. Come to visit blog Aunty yang dah berabuk tu.

2. Sudi nak link kan ke blog whitelighter.

AN dah lama jugak tak baca blog. So I will try to read yours one of these days. Tapi tak berani nak promise bila. Bila ada komen tu adalah baca tu.

Salam Ramadhan

ebob said…
huwaaaa..seronoknyer leh berenang sambil menyelam ngn penyu skali....

what a wonderful island....huhhh..
Rush Murad said…
i'm so envy.........!!!!!!!!!!!
whitelighter said…

Ha ah lah aunty, update la blog aunty tu.. nak resepi baru


I berenang atas pennyu yang lebih besar dari I.. sayang nya tak de pic


Hehe nanti kita gi sama ek

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