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237th US Army Birthday 5K Run

I had an opportunity to participate in a 5km race in conjunction with the 237th US Army Birthday at As-Sayliyah Camp here this morning. I must be one of the lucky few to get this opportunity, because this was a closed event and there was only 10 spots available for Doha Bay Running Club.

We met at the giant shopping cart at Hyatt Plaza for a 3.45AM pick up.You must be thinking that I was crazy waking up that early to run. But I must tell you that, it was not hard to wake up in that wee hour to do the thing you love. We were invited to join this race through Nick and Richard who are also members of DBRC.

It took forever to get to the start area as we had to go through a series of security check points. But everything went smoothly. We finally arrived at the start area 15 minutes before flag off at 5.00AM.  There was quite a fair number of participants, I am guessing around 300 already at the start area at that time. I took that little time to warm up and stretch a little with Tee and We…

My motorbike - Zachary Andika

I really like motorbike. 2 days ago bought me a Ducati bike.

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I want to be in the record book some day

It is sad that Malaysia will not be represented in the coming 2012 London Olympics. The 'A' qualifying time is 2:15:00 and the 'B' qualifying time is 2:18:00. Whereas the best performance of a Malaysian runner in 2011 is 2:28:46 by Woo Chan Yew which he set in Duluth, USA. Woo is also the current national record holder with 2:28:36 (Montreal, Canada 2010).
Malaysia also failed to win a medal in the last South East Asian Games in Indonesia.
Gold- Yahuza INA 2:27:45 Silver-Eric Panique PHI 2:28:26 Bronze- Eduardo Banajera Buenavista PHI 2:29:09
The following are sub 3:00:00 performance by Malaysian runners (6 runners) in 2011  
2:28:46 Woo Chan Yew KUL - Duluth USA 18.06.11 2:35:20 Woo Chan Yew KUL - Indianapolis USA 05.11.11 2:37:44 Shaharudin Hashim KUL - Hong Kong 20.02.11 2:38:28 Woo Chan Yew KUL - Houston USA 30.01.11 2:42:37 Shaharudin Hashim KUL - Kuala Lumpur 26.06.11 2:50:58 Ramadoss Muniandy KED - Taiping 25.09.11 2:51:11 Kuppusamy Baskaran PEN - Taiping 25.09.11 2:55:01…


My little angels. Zachary Andika and Cinta Amani. Can't wait for another one due in October Insyaallah.

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