I want to be in the record book some day

It is sad that Malaysia will not be represented in the coming 2012 London Olympics. The 'A' qualifying time is 2:15:00 and the 'B' qualifying time is 2:18:00. Whereas the best performance of a Malaysian runner in 2011 is 2:28:46 by Woo Chan Yew which he set in Duluth, USA. Woo is also the current national record holder with 2:28:36 (Montreal, Canada 2010).

Malaysia also failed to win a medal in the last South East Asian Games in Indonesia.

Gold- Yahuza INA 2:27:45
Silver-Eric Panique PHI 2:28:26
Bronze- Eduardo Banajera Buenavista PHI 2:29:09

The following are sub 3:00:00 performance by Malaysian runners (6 runners) in 2011  

2:28:46 Woo Chan Yew KUL - Duluth USA 18.06.11
2:35:20 Woo Chan Yew KUL - Indianapolis USA 05.11.11
2:37:44 Shaharudin Hashim KUL - Hong Kong 20.02.11
2:38:28 Woo Chan Yew KUL - Houston USA 30.01.11
2:42:37 Shaharudin Hashim KUL - Kuala Lumpur 26.06.11
2:50:58 Ramadoss Muniandy KED - Taiping 25.09.11
2:51:11 Kuppusamy Baskaran PEN - Taiping 25.09.11
2:55:01 Jasni Khairil Jamaluddin PRK - Taiping 25.09.11
2:57:31 Fabian Osmond Daimon SAB - Kota Kinabalu 01.05.11

I have never run a (properly trained) marathon. My first will be in New York this November. BUT I AM dreaming to run a sub 4 Hours in New York. Dream is free, might as well dream big. If I can achieve that, than I would go for a sub 3 hours finish in Lisbon in December 2013. So you will see my name in 2013 Annual Ranking. 


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