Into the unknown

In life, we always confused and not knowing what we want. I bet most of us are. I see some of my friends keep whining and complaining that GOD has not been good to them for having strings of bad lucks. Is it the GOD's fault that we suffers? Or is it because we are too blind to see what GOD has offered? I believe we are the admiral of our own voyage. We chart our own course into the unknown.

Gambar Hiasan

Imagine driving in a darkness of a night from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru, all you see is a mere 20 meters from your headlights, but 20 m after 20 m unfolds as you travel down south. You will reach Johor Bahru even in the middle of the night and you do not see anything more than 20m infron of you. WHY? Because you know what you want. When you know what you want you work for it, ie. taking PLUS Highway southbound. To achieve what you want may not be an easy feat and you do not know what in store for you. But when you believe and keep your focus on your goal, the universe will make way for you to achieve what you really want. So get your mind working, think or better off feel, what you want and set your journey towards it.

Gambar Hiasan

Inspired by : The Secret


Rush Murad said…
COngrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! dah ada blog sekarang...... keep blogging.... u will definitely stumble the beautiful world of blogging.... will add u..
عيديد said…
I like your pics.. Thanks coz you add me.. Ok I will add your in my blog. Rajin2 update blog tau.. I like

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