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Well its lunch break, since im fasting, I tried to get some nap, but i couldn't find the switch to sleep mode in my mind. Hmm why dont i surf the net..... well on what topic?? Yess... Negaraku, i really want to know the origin of our national anthem (i am very patriotic).. So i googled it. There's a list of results on Negaraku, but my eyes were glued on Negarakuku by Namewee... hey this is the famous rendition of Negaraku by the Malaysian student in Taiwan. So i clicked on the link and the video clip was played on Youtube.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-z2X0PeUWY&mode=related&search
Hmm I dont blame Namewee entirely for what he did.. He tried to express his opinion in the way he knows best.. through music.. but the use of Negaraku is throughly inappropriate. I dont against his opinion, but that song stirred a racial tension among visitors to the the site. Most of the comments are full of hatred. Its shows that we still have a long way to go to buid a national unity. We should focuss on our similarities not differences.

One comment was redirected to www.urbandictionary.com/malay to my surprise, 90% defines malay as lazy, criminals, idiots etc. etc.. here are some of the entries..

The ethnic majority of Malaysia. Faces severe sexual repression due to religious pressure. Sole contributor of the country's sex crimes. 1 out of 3 Malays are homosexual. Fabulously lazy and laid back, and expect everything to be spoon fed to their lips. An emblem of ignorance and stupidity. Will become extinct if their racial rights are revoked.
Son - Daddy, how come Siti gets humped by her grandfather every night? Dad - Thats because shes Malay, son. You see (puts son on lap), Malays are incestous.

by Rajjiv Malaysia Aug 13, 2005

Insists that they are Bumiputra(native)and should have more privileges aka 80%quota to universities,Malay-only scholarships,Malay-only houses,Malay-only land,etc etc but doesn't realise that the Chinese and Indians have been there WAYYYYYYYYY before the colonization era;and the Malays themselves are not local,they are actually a South Chinese origin.Don't belive me?Many Malays have a surname Wan-for example Wan Abdullah,Wan Ahmad,Wan Noraini.Clearly a Chinese one no?The Orang Aslis are the REAL natives because they have been living in Malaysia since the Stone Ages,but ironically they are not entitled to any Bumiputra privileges.A race who claims to be friendly,but clearly shows great xenophobia when a non-malay neighbour moves in,and taxi drivers have been known not to take black people.They hate Jewish people a lot,because of their Muslim religion.In fact Jewish tourists who have been to Malaysia pretend they are Caucasian.In class,they are the dumbest dumbest of the lot.Yet they get admitted to public universities 80% of the time thanks to the racist goverment.As a result they graduated unemployed because their English sucks and,but turn the tables around and say that the employers are racist.They blame their pathetic pampered lives on other people(other races?)and not the fact that they are too lazy and dependent to acheive sucess.
Next time,don't ask why the majority of Malaysian overseas students in Britain are not malay.

TheDerangedPorcupine Malaysia May 28, 2005

Every race in Malaysia has its own weaknesses. The chinese are known to be very civil, disciplined and sometimes too hardworking. The malays are known to be too lazy. A chinese who gets his/her pay, will tend to keep it for emergency or future use. A malay in the other hand, would usually spend it immediately. There are nice malays out there but really hard to find.
There are chinese who act like malays. Malays who act like chinese.

by qqqq01919 P.Pinang Mar 25, 2007

Among all, i only agree with this one.

The term Malay can refer to the ethnic group who live in the Malay peninsula (which include the southernmost part of Thailand call Patani and Satun) and east Sumatra as well as the cultural sphere that encompass a large part of the archipelago. The Malay ethnic group is the majority in Malaysia and Brunei and a sizable minority in Singapore and Indonesia. This people speak various dialects of Malay language. The peninsular dialect is the standard speech among Malays in Malaysia and Singapore. Meanwhile, the Riau dialect of eastern Sumatra has been adopted as a national tongue, Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia), for the whole Indonesian population.The ethnic Malay are predominantly Muslim. In Malaysia, the majority of the population is made up of ethnic Malays while the minorities consist of southern Chinese (e.g. Hokkien and Cantonese), southern Indians (mainly Tamils and Malayalis), non-ethnic Malay indigenous people (e.g. Iban, Murut, Kadazan, Dusun, Rungus, Bajau & etc), as well as Eurasians.

p/s:I regret to find out that the definitions written are mostly inaccurate and emotionally driven(probably racism). Malaysia is a country that is proud of its multiracial population and still striving to maintain its union. A person doings, acts or behaviors doesn't reflect the whole ethnic group, religion, country or organizations (e.g. The September 11, 2001 attacks consisted of a series of coordinated terrorist suicide attacks by
Islamic extremists on the United States of America on September 11, 2001 cited in Wikipedia) It is shallow, childish, ill-mannered, obtuse and senseless to define others prejudicially. Malaysia Boleh!

by patriotic malaysian Kota Kinabalu Apr 23, 2007

So... can we the malays blame other on how they look at us? As for me, I would prefer to be referred as a Malaysian. I my self have many good friends among the Chinese.

Whitelighter : Sad,


zal said…
funny to see the definitions comes from other Malaysians... :-)

we can't change people opinions, but we can change ourselves...

thanks for dropping by at my blog.. :-)
whitelighter said…
that's very true zal.
Rush Murad said…
Malaysian is not a race but a country...... you cant put 'Malaysian' as ur race... but nationality, yes.... I'm proud to be Muslim Malay... and thats what they should identify us...
~wan hidayat~ said…
Proud to be Malaysian...then let's portray our culture, let everyone knows we are multi-racial country...

Coming Sunday kan??: Selamat Pulang!!

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