2007 : Wish it will never end

I was a person who never really cares about new years.. year in.. year out are just another day. Looking back what i have been through this year, I cannot help but take a sojourn and count my blessings. 2007 was the year full of surprises, achievements, oppurtunities and happiness. It proved that, with GOD bless, you can achieve anything you want if you believe. Life is not all about luck as many believe. It is hard for me to sum up what i have been through without Looking at it retrospectively.

I did superbly well in my studies. I will not forget how mom reacted when i called her that afternoon to tell her about my last semester's result. She was not well that day. Her voice was raspy and she could barely speak. In tears she said 'Alhamdullillah, praise to the Lord, I will fast tomorrow. I pray for you everyday'. I could not hold my tears, I am not a kind of person who like to show my emotion, espescially with my family. She was sick but she still insisted to fast. Her way to pay gratitude to GOD. She also would make black rise porridge to feast our Musollah congregation. That is my mother. Nobody will ever fit her shoes.
My Classmates with En. Jamaluddin

My mom, the person behind all my success

My career path took me accross the South China Sea, when I got accepted to work for Sarawak Shell Berhad. It took me by surprise when I got the news. As far as i know, I did not do really well during the interview. I was only trying my luck. I was more than happy with my old job at MMHE. I finally got along really really well with my ex boss, Mr.J.. He was always angry and mad at me, often without any valid reasons for six months when I first joined the project. Maybe he got tired of screaming and shouting at my face and I was still keeping my cool. I was then became his most trusted person, his right hand man. He even told everyone, even our client Petronas, that I was his nephew (He was as small as me and we look alike.. funny). He was dissapointed and angry when I handed in my resignation. He said that I betrayed his friendship. He wanted to assign me to our site in Kiyanly, Turkmenistan. My 1 year with Turkmenistan project team was a memorable one. The company provided me with an apartment at The Forum Condominium, which is just across the street from Wisma Technip where the office is. Then there were Kak Norah, a kaypoh makcik with a motherly heart, Ila, Tuah, KY Lee, Kak Yati, Rashid among others. Thank you...
KY Lee, Kak Norah and Ong, Technip's subcontract team in Turkmenistan Project
With Ila and Tuah, MMHE Subcontract for Turkmenistan project

My farewell lunch 30 /06/007

I have been travelling quite a lot this year. Went to Hanoi, Vietnam in March. Halong Bay was a marvel. The boat ride, cave, kayak and the food was fantastic. The scenery was as beautiful as postcards pictures. I also bought a lot of lacquered wares in Hanoi, only to find most of them broken when i got back in KL. Well, now at least I have a reason to go there again.
Pictures of Hanoi

I also first set my foot in Europe in 2007. Together with 5 of my close friends we travelled to London, Barcelona, Granada, Madrid and Toledo in August. It was great, but could have been better if Sam, my buddy did not lost his wallet at Parque Guelle, Barcelona and if everybody have the same cool attitude. Some of the best experience during the trip are:

1. The visit to Alhambra, Granada
2. The tour of Toledo, Castilla La Mancha
3. The beach at Barcelona
4. My solo pilgrimage to Arsenal's fortress, The Emirates (the only time i was by myself)
5. Walk around The City of London ( and meeting Michelle, my ex flatmate when we studied in Brisbane, Australia 1999-2000)

Pictures of Europe

I have make quite a number of new friends this year, otherwise I would have died of boredom in Miri, when I first came. First there were Ninut and Da'a. I am glad I met them. I could not ask for better friends. Then there were Niza, Shikin, Wan, Yus, Dedek, Mildred and Amie along with Said and Chell (old friends from JB). Life in Miri is merrier now and weekends seems so short.

I hope 2008 will be even better... amin


sinagamerah said…
hey.....what about our eventful trip to BKK????
whitelighter said…
Sinagamerah, Kita punya trip to BKK to was in September 2006 lah.. masa rampasan kuasa tentera tu.. But It was one of the best trip all for a wrong reasons.. ingat kau carik aku memalam dalam ujan.. pastu wallet aku ngn HP kena curik kat caktucak.. pastu aku tinggal kan ko sorang2 kat bangkok.. sambut puasa kat sana..
Anonymous said…
when you join shell? I was also with shell (but only for 2 months), MEDE5, Process Engineer. I'm now in libya with other company

sorry menyibuk kat blog ko...saje boring takde keje...duk baca blog org je....

mcm best je jalan2....next time, pergi jalan...ajaklah...

Rush Murad said…
envy you!!!!!!!!!!! tahun ni nak pi Spain lahhhh......
whitelighter said…
Hi adly

Thanks for stopping by. So how is Libya?
~wan hidayat~ said…
Salam abg....semoga tahun 2008 ini akan lebih memberikan kita kebaikan dan jalan yang sempurna....besh nye tengok abg dapat jalan jauh2....semoga terus senyum dan ceria....semoga sentiasa sihat walafiat....amin~
Lolita Cossette said…
waaaa....bestnye jenjalan~~~~
Greetings from Kiyanly!

Familiar faces on some pictures :) And I think I know who is Mr.J :)

whitelighter said…
Hi Alex

What a surprise.. I wish I had the oppurtunity to go to Kiyanly, but well looks like my path will not lead me there now.. hahaha hey about Mr J.. keep it a secret okay

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