Zachary, I am sorry. Papa Jahat

We missed our flight during our last trip to Dubai. We were supposed to fly Emirates at 10.15pm but only reached Terminal 3 of Dubai Airport around 9.15, 15 minutes after the check in closed. Not only we missed the flight, we were also not allowed to change our ticket for the next flight back to Doha at 2.15am because they were non-refundable and non-changeable promotion tickets. I bought the ticket for 700 riyal return per person and the new one way ticket would cost me around 1250 riyal each. So my only viable option is 2.30am flight on FlyDubai (a low cost carrier). But the thing is I left all my cards at home and I dont have any money left as that was supposed to be a budget trip. To make it worse, my Malaysian debit card was blocked because I did not informed the bank that I will be out of the country. I was panicked and frustrated. To cut the long story short. I lost my cool and vented out on Zachary who did not stop running, screaming and being cranky all evening. He was a total opposite from an angel like he was on the first day of the trip. He was so cranky, it took hours for us to get ready. We only left Haziran's house for the airport at 8.40pm. I blamed him for missing the flight. I know I should not have done that. I yelled 'Kau diam, Aku lempang kau kang. Sebab kau lah jadi semua ni'. (you shut up or I'll slap you. All these happened because of you). Hani, who was feeding Cinta at the time looked really dejected. I only realised how awful it was soon after that. I picked him up. Held him to close to me. Kissed his cheek and said 'Zachary Papa sorry Ok. I love you' again and again hoping he would understand.

From Terminal 3 we took a taxi to Terminal 2, but I cant afford new tickets. Thank GOD Haziran came to the rescue. He had to come to the airport and buy the tickets personally. He does not have UAE driving licence and Mel has to drive, so they had to drag their whole family along. He cannot use his credit card and buy them online because the card holder must also be one of the passengers. What a stupid rule. I was so embarrass I had to swallow my pride and buried them deep in my gut.

To add to the drama, there was only one seat left on the 2.30am flight. The next flight at 7am will cost 1500 riyal one way per person. How can they call themself an LCC with that price. It was even more expensive than Emirates. So we checked with Emirates if the 2.15am flights still available, but the only seats left were in Business class. I have a very important meeting and really need to be back at work tomorrow. So I ended up flying back to Doha with Zachary on 2.30am flight, while Hani and Cinta stayed in Dubai and flew the 2.00pm flight the next day.

Alhamdullillah, Zachary was just quiet and fell asleep while waiting for the flight. Maybe he knew I was angry at him. Or maybe he thought Mama and Cinta had to stay in Dubai because he was so naughty and this may be the punishment he is getting.

So Zachary, I am so sorry son. I was not supposed to yell at you like that. It is not fair. You were not the one to blame. You are just a baby. If anyone should've been blame then, it was me. I am sorry again. You know I love you so much and I would not want to hurt your feeling. Again Zachary.. AVELU (Zachary's way of saying I Love You).

To Haziran and Mel. Thank you so much. Allah saja yang membalas budi baik kalian.

Kesiannya anak papa. I still feel the guilt and regret every time he wears this sleep suit.
I bumped into Fandi and Fanor family while waiting for the flight. It cannot be more perfect as I was struggling travelling alone with Zachary with the hand carry luggage and all. Thank you guys so much
Zach was seen so sad, and wondering where is Mama and Cinta


Wanpetunjuk said…
Seronok baca crita ni Bang....byk pengajaran. Mungkin kita kena lebih prepare lepas ni....

Apa2pun, insyaAllah you're such a good father....
whitelighter said…
Thanks Wan.. itulah kena banyak sabar dengan perangai anak-anak ni, diorg bukan paham apa pun.

InsyaAllah abg berusaha nak jadi bapa yg baik buat anak2
Anonymous said…
we r always eaten by our own words...anak2 adalah dugaan dan amanah Allah..but u did a good job as a father...i have a story of a daughter who is so angel in front of their parents but so evil while away...lesson is...we need to teach our children to be honest with themselves...always know that Allah is there to see all we did...good father does not mean that always with a sweet words but always tell the children that he is a good imam....
Anonymous said…
Anyway..u still a good father...hope that u will have anak2 yg soleh n solehah.amin
Anonymous said…
U r a good father.
Sebak baca entryni..

whitelighter said…
Thank you all.. itulah kena banyak bersabar.. I'll try to be a good father to my kids InsyaAllah

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