Aspire Aquathon Series 2012/2013

Like many marathon runners, my next big target is to compete in Ironman races. So I took a little baby step towards that ambition by participating in the Aspire Aquathon 2012/2013 series. The race consists of 500 meters swim followed with a 5 km run including one transition in between.

There were 5 races in the series which took place every month started from October 2012. Unlike all my elder brothers, I was never a good swimmer. I was more a recreational swimmer and I never liked freestyle. I cannot swim 100 meter freestyle non stop before the series. I was lucky to have a swimming pool in my compound and a swim instructor. So I took seven lessons crash course on freestyle swimming prior to the series. Seriously I thought swimming was hard and I still have not master the art of swimming economy, so I ended up spent too much energy where it should be done effortlessly. 

My swimming still was not great but it enough to carry me through the 500 meters swim leg, but by the time I finished the swim at each of the races, I felt that my energy reserve was completely drained and I suffered through the run. I even embarrassed to admit as a marathon runner that I took walk breaks during the 5 km run.

So Wendy Fitzmaurice, my mentor from DBRC was right when she said that I am not ready to participate in the Ironman competition this year and asked me to focus on marathons and fulfil my true potential in running.

So for now, I will treat swimming and cycling as cross training for my marathon training.

500 Meters swim 
5 km run
Here are the results of the series:

Race 1 (12/10/2012)
Swim : 13:46
T1:   0:50
Run :   25:22
Total :   39:59
Rank: 57/127

Race 2 (9/11/2012)
Swim : 13:00
T1:   0:47
Run :   24:46
Total :   38:33
Rank: 58/121

Race 3 (7/12/2012)

Race 4 (1/2/2012)
Swim : 11:49
T1:   0:44
Run :   25:37
Total :   38:12
Rank: 53/97

Race 5 (22/2/2012)
Swim : 13:57
T1:   0:40
Run :   24:08
Total :   38:47
Rank: 61/94


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