Pok FC Fuseball Tourney

At 12.30 pm I received an SMS from Da'a requesting everyone to be at Zaitun's place 3.30 sharp. At 2.oopm I was still in a middle of doing my laundry and but... arghh sod it, I took a quick shower and went to Said's place for lunch. I had help him cook earlier.

I was at Zaitun's 10 minutes to 3.30 only to find Da'a and Zaitun without any signs of the others. Well its too early anyway I said to myself. 4.30 theres still no sign of the others. I was starting to get pissed off when Kent arrived looking cool as always followed by Syikin, Ikhwan, Wafi and Fariza. I just have to accept the fact that time will never be an essence for them and live with it.

The tournament finnally begun at 5.00

There were 4 teams:

Brain Freeze (Zaitun and I)
Bolos Saja Dinding Itu (Da'a and Ikhwan)
Sexual Seduction (Wafi and Fariza)
Giants (Syikin and Kent)

The preliminary round was held in a league format where each team had to play 3 games. The environment at Zaitun's (POK FC Club House) simulate a real stadium. Our team came out with the most original war cry / chant "Ohhh Brain Freeze" unlike the Bolos team with their replica chant "Bolos Saja Dinding Ituuu" taken from a popular tv programme. At the end of the preliminaries, Giants lead with nine points and all other teams tied with three. They were unbeaten in all three matches. What a tough nut to crack. Giants has qualified themselves to the final while we have to go for another round of qualification by playing each other.

Bolos Vs Brain Freeze

While we battling nervously for a place in the final, Kent was busy in the kitchen preparing dinner. The menu was Mee Goreng Mamak.

In the qualification round Brain Freeze nailed the games by winning both matches. The matches were nervebreaking especially during the match with Sexual Seduction. "Baby, calm down.... breath". Fariza had to calm Wafi who was by far the busiest player at the table defending. Any lapse of concentration will cost you. I was sweating, we all were. Everybody was really took the games seriously, for pride and point to brag. Brain Freeze will meet Giants in the final. The 3rd and 4th playoff was won by Bolos.

We took a break and had our dinner. The Mee Mamak was actually quite good. Kudos to Kent.

In the end Giants were crowned as a true champion. They beat Brain Freeze 2-0 in the final. What a night it was. The final standing was

1. Giants
2. Brain Freeze
3. Bolos
4. Sexual Seduction

When it all concluded Da'a took the oppurtunity to promote his new business as a wealth advisor for Public Mutual Trust Fund. Well I am proud to say that I was his 1st client. Good luck to you bro. Wish you all the best.. and remember you promised me a paid vacation with my spouse to LONDON when you make your first million.


Rush Murad said…
Again, u spelt my name incorrectly....... it shud be SYED.... eeerrr...
whitelighter said…

Walau bagaimana pun memang sedap ko masak haritu... teringat sambal yang sedappppp tuu nak resepi

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