Asics Half Marathon, Gold Coast 2012 Countdown begins

I started my training programme for Asics Half Marathon, Gold Coast 2012 with 74 days to go yesterday. My target is to finish this race under 2 hours. It may sound impossible now as my personal best is a meagre 2:33:30. But I will give everything in me to do this. I have to. I regard this as my personal qualifying time to enter Dubai Marathon in January 2013. I will train hard and stick to my training programme even though it will be very difficult to train in the sizzling Doha summer leading up to the race. (Terus lagu Justin Bieber Never Say Never bermain dalam kepala, p/s im not the Bieb's fan ok). I guess I am lucky to have full support from my wife and constant encouragement and motivation from the members of Doha Bay Running Club. I have won half of the battle there I believe. Now I only have myself to beat.

Registration slip


Anonymous said…
Yee, you can!
whitelighter said…
Thank you.. got to train harder
puteri said…
visa dah apply lom?
whitelighter said…
lom lagi.. dah dekat nak gi baru apply

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