Si kuda tua (an old horse)

I have been having pain on my left knee, lower back and thighs. The pain started after I did an interval training for the first time about a month ago. I tried to have as enough rest as possible and not to over train, but the pain seems found itself a permanent residency in my body. I tried Deep Tissue massage, and it works, but the pain came back when I resume training.

I cannot afford to miss my training programme for Gold Coast, so I went to see a doctor today. The Doctor instructed me to undergo a Vitamin D test and prescribed me with a pain killer, a medicine for arthritis and a supplement to support healthy joint function. Wait a minute.. arthritis? Joint problem? Excuse me, I'm 35, and not even reach 40 (which is the new 30) yet. Clinically I am only 20 something. I need to start a cell therapy programme now, perhaps Celergen can help.

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Anonymous said…
Adik, I have been thinking alot about my trip to you alls. I can also see that you have been religiously training yourself towards your goal - running marathons. One thing I can bank on, is your discipline!!!! I have always respect and known you as such a highly discipline person who puts rather a high expectation of your result. That can only comes within yourself. And its always...always, whenever you put your mind to it, I always see you giving the result.
I attended a product presentation on Celergen. And there have been testimonials from athletes this time stating how much their performances have improved. Do keep up with the supplement, and Insha Allah, it will help you in many possible ways.
So please let me know if you would like to consider this option. We can talk business here....
whitelighter said…
ka Sara: Thanks.. yes im on Celergen now.. but the stock is running out
whitelighter said…
ka Sara: Thanks.. yes im on Celergen now.. but the stock is running out

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