Sunrise over Doha

Sticking to my new year's resolutions which include to reclaim my ideal weight, and live a healthy lifestyle, I have taken running quite seriously lately. So today I went to Doha Corniche for a jog after fajr prayer.  I was supposed to run with the guys from Doha Bay Running Club (which I just join yesterday), but I was 10 minutes late and they had already left. I ended up running by myself along the promenade and was mesmerised by the sunrise casting its golden rays over Doha city. It is a good enough reason to wake up this early on Friday morning.


@xiM said…
subhanallah!!lawanya sunset!!!
Abg Sham...tengah sejuk mcm ni mmg best jogging. Moga fit sokmo. Best tak join SC Marathon kat Dubai tempoh hari?
whitelighter said…
Axim: Sunrise la

Wan: Tu ah.. tapi kadang tu sejuk sangat asik nak terkuchil je.. Dubai best.. see next entry ye

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