Our future Olympian, Zachary's first 1k run

Zachary, my 3 year old son always asks me to take him for a jog. So last Saturday, I took him to Aspire park and ran 1km with him. He loves running, well maybe he was influenced by his papa and now mama too. I want to register him in the 1k mini marathon during the upcoming Ooredoo Marathon in January, but I was sceptical about his ability. I am not a pushy parent. I wont force him to do anything he does not like, but since he kept asking, lets put him on a time trial for 1km.

He was so excited, he just ran and ran non stop. I was running beside him and kept asking if he was tired or if he wants water. But he kept saying No!. He only stop once at 600m to have a sip of water before continued running. I observed his running form and found out that he has a perfect running style. Mid foot strike, high cadence, shoulder in front, legs behind, in short, I was a total opposite when I first started 2 years ago. He completed the 1km in 9:21. He was actually faster than me when I did my 1st run in Jul 2011. My pace then was 9:24. Clearly I was under estimating him.

I was so proud of him and I promised myself to give him my full support and encouragement. Something that I was lacking growing up. It is not impossible that he will don our national colours at the Olympics one day.... and representing Malaysia, Zachary Andika!


@xiM said…
melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya. hehe

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