My Racing Calendar


8/01/2016  Ooredoo Marathon, Doha, Qatar

29/01/2016  Ironman70.3 Dubai, UAE

12/02/2016  RAK Half Marathon, UAE

5/03/2016  ITU WTS Abu Dhabi, UAE

10/04/2016  Ironman African Championship, South Africa

21/08/2016  Ironman Copenhagen, Denmark

12/2016  Ironman70.3 Middle East Championship, Bahrain



zal said…
woohooo.. congrats bro.. sudah laju ko berlari ye.. aku ni makin memboroi... kena start exercise la.. mana tau satu hari boleh berlari jauh mcm ko... (lari laju blh lagi.. tp dekat2 je)
Haha ko ingat tak masa aku baru sampai doha dulu kita lari kat corniche sampai patung oryx. Larinya sikit lepastu melantak nasi lemak tak hengat.
Kam said…
You should have registered Berlin Marathon. Kalau tak, boleh jumpa kat sana.

Memang tempting nak signup for Berlin, tapi too cloce dengan New Yok la. So maybe 2014. Congratulations for securing the place in Berlin. NI your first Major ke? (Well second if you count Tokyo, sebab they just been upgraded recently). NY will be my 1st major, tu yg nak train properly
Anonymous said…
Salam Mohd Syafei,

Im really inspired reading your progress and achievements.


Im really happy if I can inspire one person to take up running and benefit from it.

Anonymous said…
Hi Again Syafei,

Great line up of races you have there. I personally planned to run Paris too thsi year, but have not registered for it yet since skeptical about getting my leave approved. Pak Arab ni bukan boleh harap (it rhymes eh), last minute pun boleh suruh org cancel leaves. Anyway, Tokyo, Berlin and London seems like difficult to secure a place, but then we runners as long as we keep on running, we will keep on trying. All the best for 2013 bro. - Rizal

I think there are still few places left for Paris. Why dont you just register, to secure the place.

Where do you work?

Anonymous said…
Indeed the registration for Paris is still open at the highest fee band.

Im currently working in Saudi Arabia, over here running scene is almost non-existance, so if I wish to run a race, I have to pick one outside the kingdom and plan for family vacation in and ard the place at the same time. I have not decided on any race for 2013 yet, still looking ard. and browsing thru race reports of running bloggers to see if any race interest me.

Perfect then, family vacation in Paris. You have 94 days, so just enough time for training.

you have FB?
Anonymous said…
"Rizal Malik" (Jubayl, Saudi Arabia).

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