Tabib Cina .. (Bagi yang berusaha untuk mendapatkan zuriat)

It is a dream for every married couple to have children of their own. The joy of holding your own child is priceless. I know it. The moment when your child is born could may well be the most beautiful moment in your life, and I pray that every couple would have that experience. But sometime one is more difficult than others. Often, it will lead to stress and pressure to the couple (especially if your 'kepoh' relative cannot stop asking 'dah ada isi ke?')  and in some cases it will lead to GOD forbid 'keretakan rumah tangga' and the husband will use it as a reason to marry another.

So.. I think it is my civic duty to share with you this info, because I know some people may be shy to ask.

I know this one 'Tabib Cina' in Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, Johor Bahru who might be able to help if you have been trying for years to conceive but 'belum ada rezeki'. 25 years ago, my aunty went to see this tabib after 3 years of trying. The tabib said 'awak boleh beranak, tapi anak awak tak ramai.. awak cuma boleh ada 2 anak saja' and his words were true. She had 2 girls back to back.  I also have a cousin who had been married for 5 years but still no luck. So during raya 2 years ago, my mom suggested her to see the tabib my aunt went. She went.. but the result was not immediate. She was almost give up, but after 5 months, Alhamdullilah, her baby girl is almost 7 months now. Another friend of mine also went to the same place after I told her about it and she too conceived after couple of months.

Do not ask me what the treatment is like because I dont know. But from what I heard, the tabib will assess the fertality of both the husband and wife. He will then identify the causes and start the treatment that may require you to take some herbal mixture.

We went to see the Tabib last year to seek treatment for Hani's dry skin and excessive hair fall after giving birth to Zach, and I told him about my aunt and my cousin. He told us that there are a lot of Malays seeking treatment at his place, but they were gone as soon as their treatment is successfull. He was not expecting anything, but it is nice if you can present him with a picture of the baby after they are born. None of the Malays ever give him a baby picture for him to stick up on his wall. (including my aunt and cousin). According to my aunt there were only 3 pictures on the wall when she was there.

Here is the details about the place.

Soon Heng (I am not sure if this is correct though)
1&3 Jalan Pahlawan satu, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah
Skudai, Johor

(There is a big ginseng sign in yellow adorning the external wall of the shop)

Tel: 075562804

Close on Thursday.

Note: I dont have any share with the establishment nor that I have been paid to advertise.. im just sharing


Anonymous said…
Nice of you to share...Adam
Hope it might help someone like it helped my cousin and my aunt
Anonymous said…
Assalam... thanks for sharing this. I'm planning to go there next week insha allah.

My pleasure. Kita hanya berusaha. The funny thing aput my friend and my cousin is, they are contemplating of seeing the Tabib to stop them from getting pregnant again. Both have been pregnant every year non stop for 3 years.

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