Happy 1st Birthday Zach

26 May 2011

Zachary Andika, you came into my life on this date last year at 1.55pm. That was the most beautiful moment in my life. Before you came, and before my union with your mama, my world is just one big empty space. Then I got married to a beautiful, wonderful woman (that's your mama offcourse) and a year after that you came. A year has gone, and you have given me the best and happiest one year so far.

The day you were born after I recited Azan and Iqamat at your ears 

I remember how dreadful it was to be away from you and your mama. And I know you feel the same. You were crying when I kissed you good bye when I went back to Doha alone and you and your mama spent the whole Ramadan in Malaysia last year. You cried and cried, and to put you to sleep that night, your mama had to cover you with the shirt that I wore earlier that day. You were only 2 months old then but you can sense the separation. It kills me to be away from you and GOD knows I would not leave you and your mama if I had a choice.  

Missing my papa

I am gratefull to ALLAH to be blessed with you and your mama. I am sorry if I have not been a good enough father for you, but I will try. I will try to be a father you can proud of and your best friend. I will love you with all my heart and I pray to ALLAH that you will become 'anak yang soleh' Amin.

Anak yang soleh
 Love Always

26 May 2011
Doha, Qatar


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