I am pregnant too.. no kidding

I bet you must have heard that a husband may experience the same symptoms of pregnancy as his wife. Or sometimes the wife does not even suffer a bit of the dreadful sickness that associated with the baby making process, but the husband is.  I heard about it a lot. It happen to my uncle where he was the one who had all the cravings, nausea, morning sickness, you name it, while its business as usual for my aunt. It happen not once but during the pregnancies for all four of their children. I did not believe it at first, I thought this is another kepercayaan karut orang melayu, until it happen to me.

Yes this is weird. I did not feel anything during Hani's first pregnancy but this time around, I was experiencing nauseas, headaches and tiredness especially during the early stages. I do not mind all that but there is one symptom that I could not take... weight gain. I have gained 7 kg during Hani's first trimester, and have a same belly of those expectant mothers. This is unbelievable considering I do not usually take my lunch and always watch the quantity of my meal. Now I know this is caused by the hormonal changes associated with Couvade Syndrome. Couvade Syndrome is also know as Phantom Pregnancy and Sympathetic Pregnancy. Apparently a lot of studies have been conducted to link a woman's pregnancy with the baby's biological father. It may just be psychological if not biological. Anyway it is nature being naughty, luckily I do not grow a pair of boob, or I will be the one who suffers from the postpartum anxiety.       


yeen said…
hehehe lawak lawak

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