Doha Triathlon 2017

20 January 2017

This was hands down my favourite Olympic distance triathlon so far. Not only because I did my PB (unintentionally), but mostly because it was a local event where I had my family and friends involved either competing or spectating.

I wasn't planning to race in this event considering it was announced very late and I was about to start training for a marathon in April, but since this was a local race, I was obliged to participate and lend my support. I even managed to convinced Malaysia's national triathlete, Riki Shinozuka and Bahrain's Abdulla Attiya to come and join the pro athletes which include Olivier Goddart and Olympian Lawrence Faynous in this inaugural race.

Took Riki for a spin at Losail Circuit
The swim took place in the sheltered Museum of Islamic Art bay while the bike course was along the beautiful Doha Corniche before finishing with the run in the lush MIA park. There is only one word to describe this race course 'fabulous'. The best Doha could offer.

I have not been training much since Ironman 70.3 Bahrain last December. Practically 0 swim and bike mileage. I came to the race just to enjoy it and making up the numbers.


The course was well marked and easy with a deep water start in a sheltered bay. There wasn't much kicking and wrestling in the water but I somehow found it hard and did not settled into my rhythm until the very end. I totally lost my swim fitness and felt like a beginner. I couldn't be happier to finish the swim and start the bike.

During the swim practice
Time: 29:55
Rank Category: 38th


The bike course was not a particularly fast one as you have to ride in a no overtaking zone and the teeth clattering cobbles in the MIA park as you start and finish your ride. We then rode 4 laps along the beautiful Corniche road. I loved it. It really felt like a well established big city triathlon when you have the futuristic Doha Westbay  skyline and the as a backdrop. I rode conservatively around 130watts to avoid early burn out considering how unfit I was. I made it back to the park into T2 relatively fresh.

Hammer time (Pic Courtesy of  Vitsiv BeFitness)
Time: 1:15:53
Rank Category: 26th


The 2.5km loop run course was set in the beautiful MIA park. I had the best time running in a triathlon ever in this race. The crowd support was fantastic plus my wife was also running for a team relay (yes she was faster than me). I got to see my kids on every lap and the PSY Tribuddies supporters were very vocal too. Again I just cruised the 10km run and did not bother on the speed.

Beautiful course (Picture courtesy of Ana Santos)
Time: 49:51
Rank Category: 20th

To me it was by far the best Olympic Distance race I've ever done. Not only because I did an unplanned PB, but mostly because the atmosphere and the feeling when you have your friends and family supporting you. Triclub Doha has done a great job at organizing this marquee event and I cant wait for the 2018's edition.

Time: 2:38:14
Rank Category: 26th

Hani did really well. She ran in a team relay and had a PB (Picture courtesy of Lolyta Poniman)

Trying to keep calm on race morning (Picture Courtesy of Doha Triathlon)
Hani was a star in this beautiful picture (Picture courtesy of Getty Images)
Team Malaysia


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