I Love Apipin (Aeroplane) by Zachary Andika

I love apipin (aeroplane). Last Thursday I flew Emirates airlines for the first time with Papa, Mama and Baby Cinta to Dubai. Usually will be sitting on Mamas', Papas' or Makyam's lap, but this time it was special. I had a seat all for myself. I feel like a big boy already. Mama said I was such a good boy and Papa rated my behaviour throughout the flight A+. I was a little nervous during the take off so I held the arm rest tightly, and Papa was holding me from across the seat. But all the nervousness gone after the plane reached its cruising altitude. I love the seat. Its economy but to me it feels rather like sitting in business. I kept myself occupied by reading the in flight magazines and watching Happy Feet 2 from the In flight Entertainment unit. But if you ask me what I like the most about flying with Emirates, the straight answer would be their in flight meal. They provided us with cake, croissant, fruits, yogurt, juices and milk for the short flight from Doha, not just sandwich and orange juice like other airlines.

Papa said I have a thing for aeroplanes and could see me as a pilot when I grow up. Well for me I just cannot wait for my next flight.

I love the megazines
I make sure that I have my seat belt securely fasten at all time when Im sitting.
I love the IFE
Thank you Emirates, I really enjoyed my flight. My sister Cinta surely felt the same.


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