My Running Progress: From a couch potato to a marathon runner

This is how I progressed from a couch potato to a marathon runner. I can't even run a kilometer without panting and taking walk breaks when I first started, but now I can proudly say I can run 42 of them. The hardest thing to do is not the race itself but to believe you can do it. The next step is taking your first stride in training, from then on everything else will be 'easy'.

My Running Progress:

5 KM
Date              Time     Pace         Note
01/07/2011   47:02     9:24/km    Training, Al Wadi Compound
22/12/2011   37:56     7:35/km    Training, Al Wadi Compound
05/01/2012   37:22     7:28/km    Training, Al-Kharatiyat street
15/01/2012   29:55     5:59/km    Training, Aspire Park
17/04/2012   28:35     5:43/km    Training, Qatar Sports Club
22/04/2012   27:17     5:27/km    Training, Aspire Park
28/05/2012   26:30     5:18/km    Training, Al Rufaa St. Cycling Track
14/06/2012   26:12     5:14/km    Race, 237th US Army Birthday Run, As-Sayliyah Camp, Qatar
16/09/2012   24:53     4:59/km    Training, Diplomatic Road - Corniche, Doha, Qatar
12/10/2012   24:24     4:52/km    Race, Aspire Aquathon Serie 1/5 - Doha, Qatar
12/02/2013   24:04     4:49/km    Race, Dolphin Energy Doha Dash 2013, Losail, Qatar
02/03/2013   23:41     4:44/km    Race, Al-Khor Mini Marathon 2013, Qatar
21/03/2013   23:03     4:36/km    Race, Doha College Night Run, Qatar
22/11/2013   20:22     4:04/km    Race, Doha College 5K Race, Qatar

10 KM
Date             Time      Pace        Note
07/07/2011   1:24:04   8:23/km    Training, Al Wadi Compound
27/01/2012   1:13:00   7:18/km    Race, Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, Dubai, UAE
30/03/2012   1:02:43   6:17/km    Training, Doha Corniche
11/05/2012   1:01:13   6:10/km    Training, Doha Corniche
15/05/2012   0:59:38   5:58/km    Training, Al-Kharatiyat street
18/05/2012   0:57:14   5:43/km    Training, Al-Rufaa St. Running Track
28/05/2012   0:54:40   5:28/km    Training, Al-Rufaa St. Cycling Track
01/07/2012   0:53:29   5:20/km    Race, Asics Half Marathon, Gold Coast, Australia
07/10/2012   0:53:01   5:18/km    Training, Diplomatic Road - Corniche, Doha, Qatar
14/10/2012   0:50:50   5:05/km    Training, Diplomatic Road - Corniche, Doha, Qatar
23/10/2012   0:49:50   4:59/km    Interval Training, Qatar Sports Club, Doha, Qatar
07/12/2012   0:49:29   4:56/km    Race, Dubai Creek Striders Half Marathon, Dubai, UAE
02/03/2013   0:48:56   4:53/km    Race, Al-Khor Community Mini Marathon, Qatar
04/05/2013   0:47:31   4:45/km    Race, Sharq Village Charity Race, Doha, Qatar
14/12/2013   0:44:45   4:28/km    Race, Standard Chartered Doha 10K
11/04/2014   0:44:17   4:25/km    Race, The Pearl Triathlon (Team Relay), Doha, Qatar

 Half Marathon
Date             Time      Pace        Note
19/11/2011   3:20:39   9:30/km    Race, Penang Bridge International Marathon, Penang, Malaysia
17/02/2012   2:45:27   7:50/km    Race, RAK Half Marathon 2012, RAK, UAE
25/05/2012   2:04:48   5:54/km    Training, Al-wadi Gym (Treadmill)
01/06/2012   2:03:27   5:51/km    Training, Al-Rufaa St. Cycling Track, Doha
01/07/2012   1:56:11   5:30/km    Race, Asics Half Marathon, Gold Coast, Australia
07/12/2012   1:50:11   5:13/km    Race, Dubai Creek Striders Half Marathon, Dubai, UAE
15/02/2013   1:45:26   4:57/km    Race, RAK Half Marathon 2013, RAK, UAE
05/07/2013   1:42:39   4:51/km    Training, My Own Marathon (MOM) #2, Doha 2013 
14/02/2014   1:39:38   4:40/km    Race,RAK Half Marathon 2014

Date              Time      Pace       Note
18/11/2012   4:11:49    5:55/km   Maratona Di Torino, Turin, Italy
25/01/2013   3:55:20    5:35/km   Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2013, UAE
24/01/2014   3:42:40    5:15/km   Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2014, UAE


Anonymous said…

Impressive achivements and progress. I actually wanted to ask you how did you manage to secure a place at the upcoming NYC Marathon? care to share tips?
I was lucky in my ballot for 2012 race. But I deferred the race to 2013 as the date was too close to my wife's expected due date.

Nansah said…
jom naik basikal pulak.. lari kuat dah tuu....

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