Dukhan Triathlon 2014 (Team Relay)

24 October 2014

The Dukhan Triathlon 2014 marks the start of the new race season of 2014/15here in Qatar after a long summer break. Being the first on the race calendar, it attracted a big number of local participants. Almost every triathletes I knew, were there.  I was contemplated to enter the solo category but considering I am already tapering for New York Marathon next week, I decided to register in the team with my KBT (Kona Bound Triathletes) mates.

It was a windy day. The sea was choppy and poor Alan had to battle the waves, the currents and the kicks and punches in the entire 400m swim leg. He was clearly exhausted when he finished the swim and run from the beach all the way up to the transition in 11'19" where Davy was waiting to start his bike leg.

The choppy sea in swim leg

We were lucky to have Davy in our team at the very last minute. We were desperately looking for cyclist when our original rider, Najib had to pull out two days before the race because of some chest infection.

The weather was nice and cool in the morning, but too bad the race started a bit late at 9.00 am and it gets hot when I did my run.I really hate the wait to start my run. The runners were lining up the transition area while waiting for their cyclists. I was second to start the run in the team event after Davy did an awesome job on the bike completing the 20km in 36'50". 

Davy flying off to start the bike

The runner for the eventual winner in the team event was really good. She was 200m ahead of me from start to finish. I tried to close the gap but she did not slowed down and maintained the pace. I stop chasing and just maintained my pace. I am just happy to come second and secured the podium finish for my team.

Podium Again

We won portable DVD and TV receiver. Happy days

Well done team KBT

Time: 1:09:27 (400m Swim, 20km Bike, 4km run)
Position Team: 2nd
Position overall: 16th


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