DWS Triathlon Series Race 2

Sprint Distance 

Started the day with a bad swim. I forgot how to swim in a wetsuit since it was my first wetsuit swim since April. I also had major sighting problem and ended swimming 200m longer than I should.  My pace was 2:12/100m. I knew the swim was bad but I didn't expect it to be that horrible. As a comparison I swam much faster in Oman and the last DWS Triathlon. Both sub 2:00 and non wetsuit.

I was beaten by pretty much everyone including those who usually swim much slower than me. 

I tried to recover on the bike but I can't seem to produce enough power to ride close to my FTP especially in headwinds.  
I guess my race was over 10 km into the bike. There's no point pushing myself to the limit and risk getting injured one week before IM70.3 Bahrain. I backed off and continued the race without any urgency and just enjoying what's left of the race.

The run was just a protocol. I took the opportunity to focus on correcting my form foot strike. I hope I can replicate this in Bahrain 
Even though I wasn't very happy with my performance today, I still thoroughly enjoyed the race and had valuable opportunity to practicthe transitions for Bahrain. 


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