Wrong seat

This was such an embarrassing story quite frankly. Qatari drives on the left. Sometimes I got confused after spending 2 months in Malaysia and got used to the rules of driving on the right hand side of the vehicles.

One day, after work, I rushed to the company van that was already waiting for me outside. There was someone sitting at the front right (great the driver’s here, I thought). There was someone else cleaning the vehicle outside. He looks familiar. There were few other people near the van. They were chatting. This guy (cleaning the van) smiled. I smiled back and trying to remember if I know him while finding my way to the left seat at the front of the van.

I took the seat, fasten the seatbelt (safety first remember) and smiled at the guy on my right (the one I thought was the driver). He looked puzzled and turned looking at the guy who was cleaning the van (now cleaning the rear window). From the rear view mirror I saw the cleaning guy smiling wider than a normal smile, to a point of breaking into laughter. I did not get it. I continue sitting and thinking why didn’t the driver drive already?

Suddenly, the cleaning guy, open the rear door and said ‘Sir, can you sit at the back?’ I turn to the guy on my right, and said ‘why did he ask me to sit at the back?’ He did not answer, perhaps he doesn’t understand English. Was the seat reserved for someone else? Doesn’t matter it s not a big deal. I got out and took the seat at the back. Suddenly I noticed that there was no steering wheel in front of the guy seated at the front right. Blood rushed to my face when I saw the steering wheel was actually at the left seat. The very seat I just vacated from. Then I checked the rear view mirror, I saw the cleaning guy was laughing his heart out with the other guys who were watching the whole scene. He even pointed his hand at me.

He then took the driving seat, when he regains composure. He was actually the driver. No wonder he looks so familiar. I was just pretending nothing happen and seated stiff like the Abraham Lincoln’s statue in Washington.


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