Thank GOD for helpers

Both my wife and I are actually clean freaks. But living in this 3 storey, six bedroom house really, we found the cleaning job is too demanding. While im busy doing school asignments during weekends, my wife only has one day off from work. So Our big house was literally left unkept. The recent dust storm made it worse and transformed our house into a little Rub al-Khali. We feel so embarrased when friends come over and finding their feet stepping in dusts. I hired Filipino cleaners once. I pity the two of them. It took them 5 hours to clean everything. They looked liked forced labours in concentration camps. But I cant rely on their service regularly as they only do cleaning as a part time job. I asked around, and thank GOD, I now have cleaners come to clean the house every week on Sunday. The good thing is I only need pay 100 riyal. Its a bargain i think, considering the amount of work they are doing.

Arghhhh sigh of relief..


victoire said…
we call this as 'femme du menage'..
araound 50€ per service.
xpnh try tapi bdk2 ni ade yg pnah gune service ni.
rumah bujang. hehe
whitelighter said…
perg kalau rumah student 50 euro tu tak bebaloi.. kata femme du menage tu.. kena overtime baru siap.. kan kan kan

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