Law of Attraction

I believe in the Law of Attraction. You can realise whatever you can imagine from the smallest thing to the biggest ones. As a muslim I believe nothing is too big for ALLAH to provide. All we need to do is ask or Doa. We can achieve things is 3 simple steps (sounds like Special Agent Oso isn't it?):

1: IMAGINE what is it that you want
2: FEELING in love with what you want. And believe that you you already have it
3. RECEIVE and always be thankful

You attract all the things, good and bad in your life. Like my mom always said to me, 'jangan mengeluh'  (Don't moan) when somthing bad happen.

So here are some of the Law of Attraction stories happened to me recently:

Silence your phone during prayer
Doha 17 October 2011. Just as I started my Afternoon prayer 'berjemaah', I realised that I have not turned off my mobile phone. Than I started imagining that the phone will ring anytime soon and I will not be able to do anything to turn it off. True enough, my wife called during the last 'rakaat'. I was so embarrased. Not only I set the song 'Nakal' by an Indonesian group Gigi as my ring tone,it was also set at the loudest. I tried to reach the phone in my pocket to turn it off but failed. The other jemaah were looking at me with cold stare after the prayer.

Parking at the entrance is the nicest
Doha 17 October 2011. It is always hard to find a parking spot at Doha City Centre Mall during the day. But yesterday I was imagining a parking slot right in front of the entrance as I passed the gantry. So I drove straight to the entrance looking for a vacant slot. Sure enough there were none. It was a dead end, while I was reversing, there was a lady came out from nowhere with grocery bags in one hand and unlocking her car remotely with her key in another. She just saved me, my wife, my 2 baby children, my mother in law, sister in law and my maid from a long walk.

About two months ago, during a rush hour at lunch time, also at Doha City Centre Mall, so many cars were lining up the apron by the 1st floor entrance to take up any spots when they see someone is leaving. I remained calm, suddenly a nice local guy approached me and asked if I want to take his parking slot. He showed me where he parked, it was on the next aisle behind, so I had to make a u-turn. The guy was waiting for me at his car and even refused other drivers from taking up his spot. Why me? I wasn't even the first in the queue. And that guy was too nice to be real.

Lend your helping hand
Doha 3 October 2011. You cannot relate how by helping one person (sincerely offcourse) may result in someone not necessarily the same person returning a favour or do something nice for you. A friend called and asked me to accompany him to a police station for some serious issues as I was preparing my slides and script for a work presentation tomorrow. I cannot say no, as he is a good friend and has at many occasions helping me. But the request came at a difficult time. The presentation is an important one, and my boss is someone you do not want to mess around with. But I chose to help my friend. I drove him to the police station and only came home past midnight. True enough I only managed to complete my slides some 15 minutes before the presentation and did not have the chance to practice. The presentation was a disaster, but surprisingly, my boss was not angry or upset though he was not happy. He ended up giving me another shot next week, which I nailed it.


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