Kinesiology Tape

I have not trained as much as I would loved to since having this 'Runner's Knee' issue. My Dubai Marathon's target is now pretty much hanging in a balance. I am not able to get an earlier appointment with Aspetar for consultation either. So I was just pretty much resting. I was informed that Kinesiology Tape could help. So I bought a box, and went out for a run last Friday. I managed to run comfortably until 10 kilometres. I stop and walked back to my car as soon as the pain started. Well it was an improvement considering the pain started from 7km last week. My coach said, the pain will return as long as the hip stability issue is not addressed. The knee was a victim not the culprit in this situation. And to do that I need a doctor / physio to prescribe a specific type of exercise. In the mean time I can only pray, train lightly and hope for the best. I will still be running in Dubai (read Stubborn). I will walk run it if I must. As much as I want to stay positive, I must prepare for the worst. I will run my target pace for as long as possible before switching it to marathon survival mode should it come.   

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KAM said…
Waah..that's y if you've got that running bug, even if you are one-eyed, crippled etc, you still want to push yourself apa2pun, know your body and hv a good rest...sabar itu separuh daripada iman..hehe..
Thanks bro,
Ni resting ah ni.. sampai naik 4 kilo..
Anonymous said…
Take care and run safe!. - Rizal

Thanks, I will.. nak dapat medal je

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