Marathon(s) in Doha

Good news Doha runners, we will soon have our own home, not one but two marathon races. Fingers crossed it could happen as early as this winter season. The first one is Qtel Doha Marathon 2013 on 26 January 2013. The event will be sponsored and organised by Qtel themselves. It was all over the press recently. Read Here and Here. The title of the race maybe quite misleading as there are only 10km and Half Marathon races in this event. They are hoping to organise a full marathon next year depending on the response it gets in this inaugural edition. This is a very encouraging news for us, as the longest road race we currently have now in Doha is the ever popular Doha College 10k. How I wish it was announced sooner, like 3-4 months back. Most of us will be in Dubai that weekend to participate in Dubai Marathon. So if you are in the city and have been running regularly, why not participate and support our local event. You don't need to run the half marathon if you havent been running regularly and clocking 30-50 kms weekly for the past 2-3 months. You could jog or walk run the 10 k race which is a safer bet. You cannot wake up one day and decide to run a half marathon. You will regret it, I know this from my experience in my first half marathon. You can read about it here. You can register your participation at

Rumour has it, that another marathon is in the pipeline and will be organised by the athletics council, but no details are available yet.

Other than that we also have other races at shorter distances.
1. Dolphin Energy Doha Dash  (1,3 and 5km) at Losail International Circuit on 12.02.2013 (Qatar National Sports Day)
2. Aspire Aquathon (500m swim and 5km run) at Aspire Zone on 21.01.2013 and 15.02.2013


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