QA_TRI Triathlon Squad

It pains me to leave QA_TRI triathlon squad. I love the brotherhood and bond among the lads in the squad but I have to make this important decision early before we go too far in the season. This is not good bye. We are going to see each other a lot and like my mate Dave said, 'We are buddies before QA_TRI and we will still be team mates in TriClub Doha'. I would like to thank coach Ryan and my team mates for everything they have done and accepted me for who I am being the slowest in the squad. Well I am may be no longer part of the squad, but I will still attend the swim sessions with them. So this is not good bye.

Get used to it, this is pretty much the view we could expect from them.

The awesome squad: From Left Dave, Andy, Me, Aizal, Fabrice, Ryan, Francis, Lee and Ethan (Not in Pic Gamal)




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