Road to ING New York City Marathon 2012 - Episode 2

A great day (Picture courtesy of Tee Morgan)

51 days to Gold Coast Half Marathon
177 days to ING New York City Marathon

I am running my long runs every Friday and I have to run 16 km today according to my training programme. I determined to RUN the whole distance and redeem myself from a terrible 14km run last week. I remember what Tee said to me at the water stop last week, she said "you have to run the whole distance, or you will never be ready for your Marathon. There is no way that you get up and in the morning and ready. Like me I am never ready" she said. I was only managed to run 5 km last Friday and completed the remaining 9km hobbling, walking and some other weird movements. Old men with walking frame could walk faster than me. I felt terrible pain on both of my legs from the knees up to my hip. Each step was a torture. I can literally feel the impact of my step on my bones. I was almost crying. I kept shouting "New York New York", and "Oprah Oprah". If Oprah can do it, so can I. Surprisingly it kept me moving.

But today, I wasn't only managed to RUN the whole distance but my legs felt good and I was not totally drained. I still have some steam left to keep going if I want to. It was my best run ever. I even recorded my Personal Best time for 10KM en route (1:01:13 hrs). Well my 6'10"/KM running pace wasn't actually running in a true sense of word. It is more like jogging for most people and I was miles behind the rest of the guys in my running club.

I was running solo the whole way. Entertaining myself with my own thoughts. It was a scorching hot morning with 33 degrees Celcius when we started and rose to 37, but it did not bother me that much. Maybe I was not thinking about it too much. I was concentrating to keep an even pace. I was hoping to regroup with the group at the water stop, but no one waits for me. What happen to "No one left behind" I thought. I was quite sad to be honest. What's the point of running with a group if you were left alone. But then, I realised, that is what actually happen in the real race. No one will wait for you. So stop sulking already. I was not sure about the route after the water stop. I saw someone running at the Diplomatic Road, so I went. But I remember that we were supposed to continue to the West Bay beach near the Inter Continental Hotel, so I turned left and went into the road near the big white villa near Rainbow Roundabout. Then a guard with a rifle chased me away and shouted something in Arabic. I later found out that the big white villa was a Sheikha's house. I went back to the Diplomatic Road and ran towards the Corniche. I was totally alone and confused. There is no way I could catch up with the rest of the group. Then I remember my kakak May Lee aka my fitness coach's advice, not to compete with anyone and run at my own pace. I felt good after that. It was 11.9km when I arrived at the 0.00 marker, so I continued the remaining distance on the Corniche. Well I may be the slowest, but I am the one with the "IM IN. To finish 2012" badge. I will be running in the New York F*%^#ng Marathon in November and I can only get better. I am still on track to achieve my goal to finish the 42.2 km sub 4:30:00. Thank you Doha Bay Running Club for all the support and motivation.

Next week I will be running with the Fun group at the desert track in Izghawa. At least I wont be left behind, so I hope. I am far from able to run with the elites of the club at this moment.

I managed to run at a steady pace
Today's split
Pre run pic (Courtesy of Tee Morgan)


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