Training Plans for Marathon Addicts

I just started my training programme for my first marathon, yet I am already addicted to running. I am already planning to run four Marathons in 2013. However, I will not have the luxury of 7 months to train for each race. Here how it looks.

4 Nov 2012 - New York City
(11 weeks apart)
25 Jan 2013 - Dubai
(12 weeks apart)
21 Apr 2013 - London 
(10 weeks apart)
7 Jul 2013 - Rio De Janeiro
(21 weeks apart)
8 Dec 2013 - Lisbon

I have been following a 28 weeks training plan for beginners from Nike+ to prepare for my 1st Marathon in New York. I totally satisfied with the programme and believe me, I can already feel the improvement at week 6. However, the space between New York and my next race in Dubai will only be 11 weeks apart and I am planning to run in London 12 weeks after Dubai. Next on the agenda is Rio which will come 10 weeks after London. To finish it off, I am hoping to run my personal best on my birthday in Lisbon in December, but I will have 21 weeks to prepare for that.

I found a perfect 12 weeks training plan by Bruce Tulloh HERE. In doing that, I will be following a footstep of a guy name Chris Mooney, which used the same training plan to prepare for his London Marathon this year. His original target was to finish the London Marathon sub 3:30:00 and he surpassed that target in flying colours. He finished the race in 3:05:31. So the plan must be working right?

Other 12 weeks marathon training plans:

By Scott Douglass HERE
From Run 247 HERE
By Ben Wisbey HERE

But if you are an acute marathon addict, plans for running multiple marathons as close as 2 weeks to 8 weeks apart can be obtained from Hal Higdon's website HERE.


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