I trained with Bayern Munich FC First Team players. Seriously!

I had a chance to run with Bayern Munich FC first team players last Friday at the Aspire. Well it was a coincidence really, but who would have thought eh? Remember I was injured during my run last Friday? So, after 2 hours into my session, I stopped at one of the circuit training equipment near the Grand Heritage Hotel for stretching. Then I saw a group of 30 - 40 guys, running in a marching formation all clad in orange Adidas tee approaching from Aspire Academy's direction. I thought they were just students / athletes from the academy and did not really pay much attention to them. Some of them smiled at me when they ran passed me. They all look very femiliar, then I saw the Bayern Munich FC club's crest on their shirt, no wonder they all look very familiar. Arjen Roben, Van Buyten, Thomas Muller et'all. Without second thought, I joined them at the back of the pack for about a kilometre before we parted ways. They went into the football fields and I turned right into the parks. There were many TV crews, photographers, journalists and supporters waited at the Grand Heritage hotel. I was showered with camera flash when I ran passed them. Nobody seems to bother I was there. No security no club officials trying to stop me. Maybe I was so small, I was invisible. There was one cameraman from Bayern Munich FC recording the run on roller blade, and I am sure I must have been included in the video as there is no way he can crop me out from the video. The team were having their pre breakfast jog. There are here for one week mid season RnR training.

Well it may be just a coincidence, but how many people can claim that they have ran with the Bundesliga's champions or any of the world's top football team? Chances are not many. You can read about their visit to Doha in their official website HERE and HERE and as reported in the press HERE, HERE, HERE


KAM said…
Cool. Rasa2nya lepas ni pergi mana2 kena bwk pen marker siap2..so that senang autograph kat baju..haha
Tu lah , Aspire ni mmg selalu selaku top athlete dtg training, feeling2 pro kalau training kat sini

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