Aspire Zone National Sports Day Fun Run 2015

It was a windy and dusty morning, clearly not a perfect day to be spending outside during this annual Qatar National Sports day. luckily my wife and I just registered for a 3km fun run at Aspire. We were planning for a quick registration, race, come home and spend the rest of the day in doors.

We left home at 8:15 and parked the car at Villagio Mall. It was close enough from the start line that we didn't even need to checked our bags. The registration was simple and very organized. By 8.30 we were all set. We even had time to warm up for 20 minutes before taking our starting place at the front of the mass. Before the race I told Hani that my target was to be in the top 10, such a lofty target I know. 20 minutes from the start I saw there were a lot of 'professional' looking runners warming up, then I told Hani, OK not top 10 but maybe top 20. 10 minutes from the start, there were more pro looking runners. I was wondering where they came from. Don't they know this is a fun run and they wont get anything even if they break the 3km world's record? My target went from top 10 to top 30.

We were like hungry lions hunting for the prey. Everyone sprinted at the sound of the starting horn. I wasn't carried away and settled at my target pace quickly after I cleared the chaotic masses at the start. The first km went by very quickly. I already overtaking those over enthusiastic unlikely runners in their jeans and sandals. A group of 10 or so runners formed a tight lead pack and was gone from my view before the first turn.

I was just trying to maintain the 4:00/km pace but it was hard with the gutsy wind and dust. At the end I was just happy to finish with 4:15/km average. I came 1st in my Age Group but only managed 32nd from 1245 finishers overall. Hani did great too. She came 75th overall and 2nd in her age group. All in all it was a good day for us. The result gave me a mental boost ahead of my trip to Ras Al-Khaimah this Friday. Thank you thank you thank you.
Pictures Clockwise: Awesome day for both of us; Hani has improved a lot since she make a came; With Najib, my cycling buddy, Zeta's hubby and son; The nice Medal; I may not be won it, but I am just as happy



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