Dubai Marathon 2015

23 January 2015

I was not planning to register for Dubai Marathon this year and skip January marathon to focus on RAK Half Marathon next month. But Dubai was so convenient and I needed a good result after a string of poor performances in marathon last year. It was a last minute decision and only had 3 weeks to train. My longest LSD was the half marathon I ran during Ooredoo Marathon two weeks ago.

I went to Dubai with 3 others from #PelariStyloYo, Yasir and Latif who ran the marathon and Diba who were there to cheer but ended up running the 4 km fun run herself. Other than members of PelariStyloYo, I also met other Malaysians, Zuki, Izuan, Firdaus and few others who are based in Dubai and off course members of Doha Bay Running Club.

I was not at my top form and was at my heaviest (read FATTEST) but I would love to have a PB no mater how small after 3 mediocre results in row at Edinburgh, Kuching and New York.  My plan for the race was to run at an even pace of 5:15/km. I was cruising until KM 27. My right ITB was behaving well. I have no muscle fatigue, my heart rate was stable around 175 bpm and I managed to maintained high cadence around 93 spm. I was then started dreaming of a sub 3:30 finish. I kept telling myself 'Yes this is it, today is my day' . I was running pretty much by my self. I saw Gareth Stride and Scott not far ahead. If I can keep them insight, I wont be too far off from my target, knowing how good pacers these gentlemen are. I was so focused and maintained my pace, watched my HR. I did everything by the book and then suddenly I felt a sharp pain on my left knee. My good leg. Come on! Seriously? There goes my short lived dream.

I then arrived at a familiar junction. I was forced to choose, should I man up and run through it or take it easy and just aim to finish. I could man up, shave a few minutes if not a few seconds off my PB but I have to risk aggravating the injury. That won't be ideal for my preparation for RAK. The wiser side of me (read weak) once again triumphed at that ugly decision making battle. My pace drop from high 4 minutes/km to around 6:30 minutes/km. My goal now is just to finish the race under 4 hours. That was a bare minimum or I should just quit marathon and taking up a more easy on your knees sedentary activities people still call sports like golf or dart. I jogged walked the last 10km battling the knee pain and focused on holding up my already 'kelaut' running form. I could feel that my wagon was falling apart on the last 2-3 kilometers. I was so relieved at the sight of the finish line. I can see the clock ticking approaching the 4 hour mark but I still have few minutes to spare. I was so happy and overjoyed. People must have thought I just did my first marathon when the saw how happy I was crossing that iconic finish line gantry (Iconic la sangat). I may not get a PB but i met new friends like Izuan, Zuki, Firdaus and had great time catching up with old friends. I met Jean Claude at start and had a lovely recovery dinner with Kak May and her daughter Zoe. So all was not lost. Thank You Dubai.

Carbo Loading at The Mall of Emirates Food Court with Latiff, Izuan and Zuki

The last 10km was a tough one

No pain no gain they say
All smiles in the end

Super awesome day for DBRC. We all did sub 4 and Suzanne did a BQ

Untuk mu Malaysia, walaupun tak seberapa
With some of the Malaysian marathon finishers

PelariStyloYo at Dubai Marathon 2015. Everyone Had a PB except me. Latiff in particular is heading towards a sub 4 finish soon

Not a Personal Best but happy to finish under sub 4 hours again


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