Dolphin Energy Doha Dash 2013

My 1st experience at Losail International Circuit 
Yesterday was the Qatar National Sports Day for this year. This is a public holiday where the residents of this fortunate land get to enjoy the many sports and recreation programmes organised by the private and public sectors. One event that interest me was the Doha Dash. Largely because the race was held at Losail International Circuit, home of Qatar Motor Grand Prix. I participated in the 5km while Hani took part in 3km race. We were joined by our close friends Aizal and Yasir in 5km while Yeen and Lolyta ran the 3km. On top of that, a 5 year old Myra (Aizal's and Yeen's daughter) also took part in the 1km mini marathon. I was supposed to run a gentle 5km  according to my Half Marathon training plan yesterday as I cannot afford any injury or muscle fatigue when my half marathon race at Ras Al-Khaimah was just 2 days away. But at the same time, I really thought that this is the best opportunity for me to rewrite my 4 months old 5km PB of 24:24. 

It was not an easy race despite the smooth track. The race started pretty late at 9:30am when the sun was already up and the wind was really strong making the stretches where we had to run against the wind like running in a wind tunnel. Starting the race from the front, I got carried away and ran the 1st km pretty fast in 4:11/km. I slowed down to around 4:50/km and thought I could use this race as tempo run for my half marathon, but I found it was too hard to maintain that pace. Not with the heat and the wind its not. My pace went from 4:11 to 4:42 to 4:56 to 5:16 and was really struggling to push 4:58 to the finish line. 

The course was longer than 5km (probably around 5.4km). I was only interested to log a 5km, so I stop my watch as soon as the 5km distance alert on my Garmin went off. My 5km time as per my watch was  24:04. And yes it was a new PB! I cant be more happier. My official time was 26:10 and I was ranked 64th out of 436 participants. (58th / 346 male).

My wife did really well in her race too. She finished the 3km in 18:05 and was ranked 69/347 overall and 16th/93 females. And she was just started running for few weeks. At the rate she's going, I bet she can beat me anytime soon. I am really proud of her and soon, I will be the one looking after the kids when she's out training or competing in marathons. 
With my wife Hani and some of the DBRC's clans


KAM said…
Terbaik bos sbb broke ur PB on 5k!..hehe...dalam weather yg 'panas' plak tuh..
haha thanks bro.. tu baru 'gentle' run tu.

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