Paris Marathon 2013 - Training Plan

I have been following training plans by Marius Bakken for my previous races and very happy with the results. However, with the recent injury, I need to limit my running but at the same time increasing my strength and fitness. So I have decided to try the FIRST training plan from the book 'Run Less Run Faster'. It will require only 3 running sessions a week but with higher intensity and 2 cross trainings. In my case swimming and rowing in addition to my weight training and fitness. Hopefully it will work.

Here how it looks like:


malu nak bgtau nama said…
good luck bro. bila aku mula lari, mmg ada hajat nak complete FM, tapi bila tengok training plan, baru aku tahu bukan senang. masa la halangan utama especially utk aku yg ada keluarga dan ada nak kecik. habis kuat seminggu 3 kali boleh lari, nak ke gym tu mmg almost imposible la.

target tahun ni mmg HM dulu, which to me target yg boleh capai. but aku x boleh bayang how to complete FM yg double the HM distance.

training by just running alone, without workout boleh complete ke FM?
elleh malu nk bgtau nama lak..

Btw.. I started with half marathon jugak.. I ran my first Full marathon after a year of running.. Memang chalengging jugak nak training sebab I have 3 small kids age 2.5, 1.5 and 5 months.. so sometime kena lari awal pagi, say 4 pagi sebelum diorg bangun tido.. tak pergi gym tak pe tapi kena buat la strength training kat rumah like crunches, squats, lunges, steps etc'

Check my progress and you see i was not much of a runner when i started

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