RAK Half Marathon 2013: Prelude

8 days to RAK Half Marathon. I participated in this race last year (you may read it HERE) and it changed me. I was inspired to challenge myself and taking up running seriously after that race. I was inspired when I see Angie Salter of Doha Bay Running Club ran on opposite direction after making a U-turn and finished the race in sub 2 hours. I was 8km or 50 minutes behind her. A sub 2 hours was magical and that was my goal. I did not look back, I signed up and trained hard, very hard for Asics Gold Coast Half Marathon 5 months later and DID IT in 1:56:11. Im proud of my progress but I am not slowing down. I registered for this race with an aim to run a PB Half Marathon. I am also excited to see how much have I improve in a year, but I honestly have not done anything to prepare myself for this race, except the 500m swim and 5km run last week during the 4th Aquathon race. I will rely solely on whatever residual fitness I have left from my Dubai Marathon training. I will just go out there and try my best.


Anonymous said…
All the best in RAK Half. Sorry for not able to join you, maybe in of future races, inshaaAllah. - Rizal

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