You Can't Qualify For Boston Now..Period!

Remember I blog about my Runner's Knee or Patellofemoral problem a month ago? See HERE. I finally had the chance to see Dr. Hellemondt, a Sports Orthopaedic at Aspetar recently. After a breief chat, I introduced myself as a marathon runner and my goal to qualify for Boston. Here how the consultation went:

Doctor: How long have you been running?

Syafei: About one year

Doctor: Before that, what kind of sports you did?

Syafei: TV, watching sports programmes on tele, that's about it.

Nurse: That's very honest

Doctor & Nurse : (Laughing)

The Doctor asked then checked on my knees and asked me to do squat and one legged Squat

After the assessment,

Doctor: I have a good news and I have a bad news

Syafei: What's the good news?

Doctor: There's nothing wrong with your knees.

Syafei: and the bad news?

Doctor: You cannot qualify for Boston now...Period

Syafei: Huh?

Doctor: You are suffering from a condition called Patellofemoral.. bla bla bla (you can just Google about it)

Syafei: So what should I do?

Doctor: Just continue with your training, when its pain, stop, and R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compress,
Elevate). That's all I can advice as a doctor. I wont want to sell you anything and waste your money. You dont need MRI or X-ray. Your knees perfect. They are just not ready to do what your mind wants to. Your mind is ready but your body isnt. You have accomplished a lot in a year, that itself already an achievement.

Syafei: So should I concentrate on shorter events?

Doctor: No. You are already able to run full marathons. The thing is, you ran it twice as long as the winner to finish a marathon. You are running a marathon in 4 hours. If you can run it in 2 hours, you wont be having this problem.

Syafei: But to run a 2 hours marathon I need to train, and my knees not allowed me to run long.

Doctor: Ok run on soft surfaces like grass or running track and you can take Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplement. I can also refer you to a Podiatrist.

Syafei: Thanks dr. I will make an appointment with the podiatrist.

My appointment with the podiatrist will be on 14 March 2013.


RaYzeef said…
Uh uh...another obstacle. Don't give up on you Boston dream yet bro.
Matjoe said…
2 jam untuk lari 42km dah hampir equal to world record. go go go
Rayzeef: No I wont give up, maybe reevaluate, and extend the target date

Matjoe: LOL doktor tu saja je menyakat aku, mana ada org lari full marathon 2 jam. world record pun 2:03

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